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Life As We Know It

Here, we have a typical, every day cinderella story. The perfect fairytale. Boy likes girl, have been friends from birth, parents are the best of friends. Naturally, the kids grow up and begin to develop feelings towards each other. Sooner or later the boy proposes to the girl's parents, as it is a tradition in the lovely Kuwait. Knowing what kind of a man he is, the parents immediately accept and it's off to planning the wedding! They are soon married, with three kids. & they live happily ever after. The End.

Life as we know it? Obviously, we're down here on planet Earth, so that wouldn't be the case for our lovely Joud. As much as she woul want this "fairytale" to be her's, it's not the way things go according to reality.

Chapter 1

     She lived a fairy tale youth, just like in the books. She had adoring parents who were at her every command. You see, she was an only child. A blessing from above, as her parents would say. they provided her with a fantasy of a life. The best clothes, best toys, a tree house, all the pets she ever wished for; most people would say she was spoilt rotten! But that wasn't the way our lovely Joud acted. She was the nicest to everyone.

     She met him the day of her 3rd birthday, her parents had invited all their closest friends as well as their children. Joud knew most of them but she hadn't seen him before. he wasn't all that nice either. After they blew out her candles he pulled her hair and decided to squish her face into the cake. ;o...

To be continued!;o Watch out for the rest soon. Link will be posted for the new blog.

Til' then! x
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I'm Baack, Again ;p

helloo all! Alot has happened lately, and admin. has changed; I just thought i should as you all:

Would you rather I continued gray goose? Or would you rather I start a new story on my other blog?
Please comment you're answers here ;] Thankyou very much for your understanding. I'm sorry it's been forever as well!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[16] But the part that they don't know, you broke my heart and changed my soul, and you left me heartless.

Aysha's P.O.V.:

     "Marcus, listen to me.." I said then paused. I was exhausted from all this talking, and honestly I didn't want it to go any longer. Trying to make it as easy as possible, I said " We're just not right for each other. I'm Muslim, you're Christian, and knowing you, you wouldn't convert no matter what." He cut me off.

Marcus: "But what does that have to do with the way WE feel ma?" He said, sounding furious.

Aysha: "Well it has a lot to do with it," I said with authority, making sure he wouldn't cut me off again, " Pretty soon I'll be going to kuwait, and my parents would never approve of me marrying a Christian." I continued. "If it isn't serious shit to you, it is to me," I said blankly.

He looked at me then said, "Well screw you're family. Me and you can start all over." He stated.

Aysha: "It's not that easy. I care about my family alot and wouldn't trade them in for the world and all its riches. There are somethings you gotta understand Marcus," I said not giving him a chance to start talking. Continuing, I said " I tried to keep this as simple as possible, but you wouldn't give in, so I have to tell you that it's better for the both of us that we don't see each other again." I said bluntly.

     He stared at me for a while, it was aggravating! I felt like my face was going to burn from how solid his stare was. When he finally broke the silence, he got up so I did as he did. This is it I thought, This must be where the goodbye kiss goes. We were so close at this point, our noses were almost touching. It felt very intense on my side, especially since he had on a poker face. I don't think I felt an exact emotion at that time. I was so overwhelmed with my millions of emotions that I actually felt numb. I can't believe its finally the end. Then he reached closer to me, so Instinctively, I closed my eyes, and then..

Marcus: *clearing his throat* "My glasses are right there, do you mind?" He said dryly, so naturally I moved outa the way, stunned. And just like that he took his glasses and walked outa my room; outa my life.

--- A month or so later ---

Jazzi's P.O.V:

     "Can you believe it?!" I exclaimed, "It's only two weeks to the finals!" I said surprisingly to my daydreaming friend, Aysha, Who had finally snapped back to life. Ever since the incident with Marcus, she had been spacing out like all the time. She has also been spending quite a lot of time with Msharii, which (I guess) is a good thing? We were hanging out at the campus cafe, waiting for Khalid, our ride, to finish his class so we can head on home for the weekend.

Aysha: "hmm? oh yeaa. Finally get to leave this place", she said with a sigh. I guess the whole Marcus thing really got to her. It was obvious they loved each other, she just didn't wanna persue a relationship that would be disappointing in the future. This is my que to brighten her day.

"Well guess what?" I said excitedly, "since today's the last day before prep week, Me and Baraak are goin' out for a bit. You don't mind if Msharii stays at our's do you?" Hoping her response would be a smile. And that it was.

"Sure, I'm up for it" she said, still smiling. I wonder how their relationships going.

Aysha's P.O.V.:

     So it's the end of the week, and Msharii's coming over. The weird thing is that I'm getting mixed feelings about this guy. I "think" I like him? I dunno, I'm not completely sure about it myself. But first things first; I gotta get this load offa my chest and tell him the whole me and Marcus thing. Hopefully he'll be as understanding as I wish.

Knock! Knock!
I guess that's Msharii. Here goes nothin' ...

- I think it's a bit shorter than usual, but we're trying to elongate the ending. Also, we'll be posting these more oftenly. Hope you like (:

Guess who's back?!

Yep you heard right, we're finally going to be completing this story, only we've made a few changes.

Firstly, The new layout! Hope you like? x
Secondly, The account. It's goodbye to Spankbomb and Swagger , we're now Phlash and Trouble Maker (we also each have our own blogs, ask us for those if you want 'em)

Ps; The story still remains as it is;] We're just going to pick of wear we started. Again, we apologized for the delay. Alot has happened these past months, and we're glad that's all behind us now.
PPs; We missed you loads! x


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Ghbaarr! x

Spankbomb speaking;p New blog started up for you guys. [its just a random little thing]
Let me now if you guys want us to continue the story, or start a new one all together. Sorry we took so long to come back; alot has happened (:. Thank you all for being such wonderful readers, w asfeen 3al g9oor:*

- Crystal Spankbomb.

Monday, July 20, 2009

[15] Do you think your better off alone

Marcus was calling Jazzi’s phone. It was 7 in the morning.She was sleeping, she hated waking up this early.

Jazzi: hello

Marcus: good morning

Jazzi: what time is it ??

Marcus: Its 7:15

Jazzi: Why are you up ?

Marcus: I don’t know i just woke up and i called u cus u told me to

Jazzi: okay

Marcus: How is she ?? did u talk to her last night ??

Jazzi: yaa she said she thought about it and she dont want any thing that gotta do with you. Im sorry Marcus but she told me to tell you.

Marcus: What did I do wrong??

Jazzi : nothing, I tried talking to her but she wouldn’t listen to me, she told me what to tell you as soon as i walked into the house. She dont want to talk about it and I still dont understand why she wouldn't give you a chance. Give her some time shes not thinkin right.

Marcus: Can I come over I wana try to talk to her ??.....please

Jazzi: Marcus i dont think thats a good idea, she’s sleeping now and she would get mad at me for letting you into the house.

Marcus: listen go to the glass door and open it and act like you didnt kno that im coming over. Dont let her know that you opened the door aiight ??

Jazzi: okay but dont expect seeing me cus ill be sleeping okay.

Marcus: btw ama tell her that we talked cus i want her to tell me all that shit to my face.

Jazzi : okay but please take it easy u kno how mad she can get.

Marcus: okay thanks ill be there in a lil bit ama go buy breakfast then ill be there ama go straight to her room Okay

Jazzi: okay ama go to sleep now byee

Marcus: byee

Marcus went and got some breakfast then headed straight to Aysha’s house. He took the back door then went into the pool area, he opened the glass door slowly, he was hoping he wouldn't find Aysha up, and he got what he was hoping for. He went up to her room after putting the food on a tray. Her door was closed but not locked. He walked in slowly and placed the food on the table next to her. He took a look at her and smiled. He loved looking at her while she was sleeping peacefully. He couldnt help seeing her beautiful face with out doing any thing, so he kissed her cheek then sat on the side of the bed waiting for her to wake up. He was eating his cinnamon sugar bagel with cream cheese when he seen her open her eyes and look at him.

Marcus:Good morning... I got you ur favorite breakfast meal. ( he said it with a little smile)

Aysha: What are you doing in ma room ?? and how did you get into the house ??

Marcus: Well im in your room cus i wana talk to you about every thing. Im not walking out of here until you answer all ma questions . And you don’t need to kno how i got into the house :P

Aysha: ...... Marcus dont make this hard for both of us im not in the mood.

Marcus: aight im not gona make it hard, eat your food and we’ll talk.

Aysha: aight
she stood up and went to the bathroom, all she had on was little boxers and a bra. She brushed her teeth and face then went back into the room and throw on a big t shirt. He was sitting with his legs crossed on the bed. She came and sat in front of him and looked at him, he placed the food in front of her then smiled, she smiled back and started eating. He drank his juice and finished his bagel by time she finished they started talking..

Aysha: Did you talk to Jazzi ?

Marcus: yaa , she told me every thing

Aysha: good

Marcus: What did i do wrong ?

Aysha: ..nothing.... its hard to explain the way i acted

Marcus: well explain it for me cus last time i checked loving someone is not a wrong thing.

Aysha: Marcus i dont want anyone and im sure by u telling me the way you feel is gona make things hard for both of us, Im goin back to kuwait soon

Marcus: Soo ??

Aysha:...I dont want to be in a relationship and when you told me you loved me i was shocked, A million thoughts came into my head, I didnt mean to hurt you or to act fucked up... I know if i told u i loved u back and didn't mean it i would do something one day and fuck are friendship up... from the beginning i told you all we can be is friends and now all i want from you is to leave me alone i dont want to get closer to you anymore... do u kno how hard is it to kno that if i go back im not gona come here until 6 months.... Marcus I rather be alone, i need to spend time studying its better for me...i thought about it.

Aysha had a tear that went down her cheek,he got closer and wiped it with his hand and said..

"Do you REALLY think your better off alone ??"


Sunday, July 19, 2009

[14] Day 'n Night

"Day and night I toss and turn, I keep stressing my mind, mind
I look for peace but see I don't attain What I need for keeps this silly game we play, play
Now look at this Madness to magnet keeps attracting me, I try to run but see I'm not that fast I think I'm first but surely finish last, last"

His phone did not stop ringing , It was Aysha the girl that he loved with all his heart and the one that is killing his heart slowly . He didnt want to answer the phone cus he didnt want to say somethin that would cost there friendship. On his way to the liquor store he drove in silence with his phone ringing. After the 11th call he turned it off and then walked into the liquor store. He brought a bottle of Gray Goose, the best tasting Vodka that would make u get drunk till you forget about your life nd thats what he wanted. He hated his life right now, he felt alone in this life. The only girl in this world that he loved didnt feel the same way about him. He felt like SHIT. He drove to the park, the place were they used to come to every weekend to spend some time together side by side , and for the first time he didnt have anyone by his side. The relationship that Marcus and Aysha had was complicated. They were always there for each other. Every one thought they were dating but they never did. Aysha would never give him the opportunity to make him feel that she cares about him more than she should... He sat there reminiscing about all the great days n nights they had together and he thought about what he was going to do.. but he really didnt kno what to do he was lost :/
After drinking half of the bottle he switch on his phone.
He was really fucked up by now
...14 miss calls and there all from Aysha
... 1 msg
Msg from Jazzi “WE NEED TO TALK ASAP”

calling: Jazzi 813-505......

Marcus: “Whats good”
Jazzi: What the fuck is going on ??
Marcus: ask your friend
Jazzi: i did she dont wana talk.
Marcus: how come she dont wana talk...shes actin like shes sad just the same way she acted as if she was into me, well tell her i fuckin hate her
Jazzi: R u drunk ?
Marcus: i guess so lol
Jezzi: you at your house ??
Marcus: naa im at the park
Jazzi: okay dont move im on ma way.
Marcus: cool get me some food im fuckin hungry
Jazzi: okay ill be there soon byee
Marcus: byee

~20 minuets later~
Jazzi pulles up next to Marcus’s car. He was in it and he hid the bottle thinkin that she wouldn't kno that his drunk. they both rolled down there windows. His car was full of smoke cus he was smoking a lot in it.

Jazzi: lock yo car n get your ass into mine.
Marcus: Y??
Jazzi: cus your fuckin drunk
Marcus: ight damn
~he got into the car~
Marcus: How did u know that somethin was wrong?
Jazzi: She called me crying her eye balls out and all she said was “his not coming back, Im so stupid” so i left Barak and i went home to see what was wrong n i found her cryin in her room and she wouldn't open the door.
Marcus: I told her I loved her
Jazzi: ( she smiled at him and said ) AND ??
Marcus: She said some shit then kicked me out
Jazzi: im sure she was shocked. give her some time
Marcus: Yoo im sick of this, I treat her like a queen, I do what ever i can to make see her smile and she cant even give me a chance to show her that im not like other fuck that bitch, i can get 50 other girls better than her if i wanted to
Jazzi: Then y dont find one instead of getting drunk and fucked up like this.
Marcus:.... aight tell me what i should do then ?
Jazzi: ill take you home now take a shower then go to sleep and call me in the morning so we can talk about it when ur in ur mind okay.
Jazzi : ill let khaled bring ur car to your house iight ill drive you there.
Marcus: okay

Jazzi dropped Marcus off then called khaled and told him that Marcus was drunk and couldn't drive and asked him to get his car and he agreed.
As soon as Marcus came home he went into the shower. He felt better after the shower, he got dressed into his boxers then fell asleep and didn’t wake up till the next morning.

This post was made by Swagger ; i hope u liked it and im sorry if its not as good as u expected it to be im not a big fan of writing but i had to make a new part for the story cus it been a long time sence We wrote a post for the story. okay guys take care love youu :**

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Yoo girlz dis is what u should do..

if a guy wants yu, nothin cann keep himm away . & if he doesnt nothin cann make himm stay . don't make someone feel bad so theyy will be with yu. stop making excuses for a quy and his behavior . allow your intuition to save you from heartache . stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be . slower is better . never live your life for a guy before you find what makes you truly happy . if he doesn't make you happy now; chances are he never will . if a relationship ends because the guy was not treating you as you deserve; then hell no . don't settle . if you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is . don't stay because you think "it will get better ." you'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better . don't chase a guy, if he want's to leave let him make that decision; maybe he will regret it later . the only person you can control in a relationship is you . always have your own set of friends separate from his . maintain boundaries in how a guy treats you . don't spend ALL of your time with him; you'll get sick of eachother . have time for yourself and your friends, it keeps things fresh and new . after arguing don't talk untill you both are ready; you will both understand eachother better; and most likely see eachothers point of view . if something bothers you, speak up . don't bottle your feelings bcause you are scared to express them, if that's the case you abviously are not comfortable in the relationship, and that's a BIG problem . never let a guy know everything; he will use it against you later . TRUST & HAPPINESS are EVERYTHING . yu cannot change a guy's behavior . change comes from within . don't EVER make him feel he is more important than you not make him into a quasi-god . he is a guy, nothing more nothing less . never let a guy define who you are . be yourself . never borrow someone else's guy . l0l if he cheated with you, he'll cheat on you . a guy will only treat you the way you allow him to treat yu . if you expext respect in a relationship, be the first to show it . all men are NOT dogs . yu should not be the one doing all the bending...compromise is two way street . if you are the only one trying to make things worse; something is seriously wrong . you need time to heal between relationships; there is nothing cute about baggage . deal with your issues before pursuing a new relationship; You should never look for someone to COMPLETE you, a relationship consists of two WHOLE individuals ! look for someone complimentary, not supplementary . dating is fun; even if he doesn't turn out to be Mr. Right . make him miss you sometimes . when a guy always know where you are, and your always readily available to him he takes it for granted . don't fully commit to a guy who doesn't give you everything that you need & vice versa . keep him in your radar, but get to know others . friends are friends you both need them in your life, so don't get jealous over them . yu can't change everything about youself to be perfect for someone; if it's not meant to be it's just not meant to be . don't force it if you two are destined, to be together everything will find it's place and fall right back together . no matter how wonderful it sounds there is NO such thing as a fairytale relationship; there are always ups and downs, so if you truely care for eachother and you both are in it together than you can stick the tough times out; so you can enjoy the good ones . i believe once a cheater liar ect. alwayss one . if a guy has treated a past girl like shit; what makes you think you are any different ? in a relationship; do not boast, beg, be jealous, or greedy; these thing are not found in love; instead be kind, sweet, generous, loving, caring, trustworthy, trusting, un controlling and most of all yourself .

Writen by Swagger's friend

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whats up :D

Hey every one were really sorry that we have not updated are blog in a long time. We have been busy this summer.We are both are not in Kuwait right now. We will write the next post of are story as soon as we have time i promise :) This summer has been fun for both of us. I also wana say RIP M.J we will miss him, He will always be the King.July 4th is in 2 days :D I cant wait ma family celebrates big time on this day :) My friends and I are gona wear black on that day to show are appreciation to M.J its somethin almost every one gona do here for him.Okay guys take care and I hope your havin a good and fun summer,
We love n miss u all :**


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Did you hear about this?;o

you guys I've discovered a new blog which I truly love :] It's not like all the other college romances, this one has a pretty interesting twist. I think you'll all enjoy it just like I have;* Plus the writer of the blog has grown to become a very dear friend of mine. If you'd like to read click here;*. Loving you mucho;*
There's no reason as to why I added this image either:] I'm just enjoying the view, how bout you? <3

-Crystal Spankbomb.

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Should gray-goose get a makeover?

Well, I was thinking, since it's the summer maybe I should spicen Goose up. What do you think? Comments much appreciated (: Also my new fave song - Break even by the script is to die for! Give it a listen will you? Also, the picture add was just an arbitrary thing. Don't you think it's pretty tho? Love you mucho;*

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[13] Breakin' dishes up in here, all night.

Aysha's P.O.V:

When he arrived I was in the laundry room. I left everything, opened the front door and walked out to the porch. I sat on a lounge chair and waited for him to start talking. He didn't. He had such a serious face on. That didn't help with telling me what he was thinking. I didn't know what to say so I just walked out to the backyard, and sat on the table. He followed. Now he was just standing there, both lost in our own thoughts - while staring at each other. I decided to say something but all that came out was:

Aysha: "Now what?!"

Marcus: "Now we talk.."

Aysha: "Okai then talk."

Marcus: "I really like you Aysha, why can't you see that? I'm sure everyone else can!"

Getting on my nerves much? What does he meann he likes me, he CAN'T like me. I won't allow it. Even if I might have "some feelings" for him.

Aysha: "I dont care what others see, I only care about what I can see. You can't just drop a bomb like that on me. I'm not ready for it" I said bluntly.

Marcus: "Well it's not liek its something new, you know. I've like you for quite a while, your just too weird" he said then stammered out a "Wait i don't mean that.." he said but before he could complete his sentence I said..

Aysha: "What? OH so now I'm weird because I don't like you? You know what buddy the only weird one here is you" I said with an obnoxious smile on my face, "what kinda person plays aroound with a girls feelings? certainly not the "un weird" kind." I continued. That got him angry. We kept on ranting and raving for quite a while. It's like this spat won't ever end. This isn't the first time we had a "discussion", believe you me. It's just the first time he was that emotional during a fight. He didn't cry or anything tho;o Don't think that. He just seemed to mean every word he said. Then he mentioned the truce thing between him and Msharii.

Marcus : "Aysha Im serious none of the shit I said was true!"

Aysha: "How bout I call Msharii and ask him that huh?! I screamed. I was tired of this. I was angry and tearing up. I rushed into the laundry room, knocking down a vase on my way there. I looked for my sidekick, and found it. Although before I could turn around and call Msharii, a force pushed me into the wall and started immensely making out with me. Yup, you guessed it. It was Marcus. I swear to god that was THE MOST passionate kiss I've had in my life! he then picked me up and put me on the washing machine, and started kissing my neck, with passion. He was so into the kiss, I've never seen him like that before. It scared me that this guy might actually have feelings. When he came back to my lips, before kissing me even, he said those three little words that just ruined it all..

Marcus: "Aysha, I think I love you." And before we could make out again, I stopped him with my hand placed on my lips.

Aysha: "Hold on. What?! That can't be." I said not knowing what the hell I was thinking, and rushed out of the laundry room.

Marcus: "Huh? What do you mean "It can't be" ?" he asked while doing the quoty hand gesture. After a long pause I said.

Aysha: "I don't know.. You have to leave." I said, way too calmly. He looked at me in disbelief, then just like that walked out of the door, and Out of my life.. At least thats what I thought.

-Sorry for the short post you guys I have exams ;(
-Crystal Spankbomb.

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[12] Chasing pavements?

Aysha's P.O.V:

Well the party is finally over. It's about 3 am now. After cleaning up, Jazii went to bed, and i stayed out back wondering what Msharii and Marcus were up to. It's probably just a game their playing to mess with my head. Besides, it's not like I'm missing out on anything right? Well, I better hit the hay. Tomorow should be a long day.

Next day:

I wake up and get breakfast started. Jaz wakes up a half hour after me. We start talking about last night and all the weird things that happened. She agreed with me about Msharii and Marcus and how they were just messing with my head. She thought it would be cool if I prank called them and messed with their heads a bit, haha. And so we did. I decided to call up Msharii first, since he was easier to crack. & the conversation went a little like this...

Msharii: "Aloo? A-Aysha?" he says hesitantly, "Shlonich babe?" he continues with a little more confidence.

Aysha: " Im good BABE," I say stressing on the babe, Jazii is signaling for me to throw a tantrum. "Oh so now im ur babe huh ?!" I say. Jazii is on the verge of cracking up. I feel a laugh coming too but hold it in.

"What about yesterday and the whole "i dont like u" shit you and Marcus gave me huh? Are you trying to mess with my head?" I say, acting furious.

Msharii is nervous to talk at first but then says. "You know what? No we weren't messing with you, but I can't help it if I wanna call you babe right?" Hnee gaam erage3. Ashkara he's nervous and has no idea what to say haha;p.

Aysha: "Well "Babe", I think I have deep feelings for you and that I like you alot. But since you don't like me anymore you cant just forget about it." I said blankly. Jazii is now on the floor laughing her ass off.

Msharii: "B-but-" And before he could finish his sentance i hang up, and fall into fits of laughter on the couch next to Jazii.

Aysha: "Okii now its Marcus's turn-" I say but Jazii cuts me off.

Jazii: "Not this time kido, I've got plans," She says and gives me that pouty angel face, "We'll do it as soon as I get back I promise." She continues, and skips to her room, while humming, to get ready. She must be going out with Barak. Haha, their so cute together;p I'm glad she found her a good guy.

An hour later:

There's nothing good to watch on tv! I think im gonna insert my Spongebob dvd in there and watch it for a while, then get on with the laundry. After half an hour of watching Spongebob my love <3, My phone rings.

Incoming call:
Marcus the idiot;*

Yayy, I get to play fake upset earlier than expected ;D. I pick up and this is how the conversation goes..

Aysha: "Uh hell-" Im cut off;/. I hate this.

Marcus: "Please dont talk let me explain. I've been saying this millions of times through my head and I just HAD to tell you." He said all too quickly for it to get processed in my head.

Aysha: "Uhm.. Ok?" I say, sort of confused.

Marcus: "Okay you know how me and Msharii said we didn't like you? Well I lied. I do like you and the fact that I told u I didn't just killed me inside!" He exclaimed. I didn't answer, I just listened. "And I don't know about Msharii, but I'm sure that I like you and your a great girl you deserve someone good in your life for a change. Forget the asswholes you dated before, I can PROVE to you I can be the wun." He continued. I still remained silent.

"I mean come on Aysha, you know theres sum chemistry between us.." He said quietly. "I've liekd you for a while, and you can't NOT have feelings for me, I know that much." he continued. I was getting frustrated.

Aysha: "Okay say we got together now, and in two months I went back to Kuwait. Then what? I know my parents wouldn't approve of you, and you'd never wanna go back to Kuwait either." I say just as quietly. "Besides are you sure we'd be able to stay together for a long time? Because I'm done with playing around. I want something serious in my life. I'm not just a game you can play around with for a couple of months then throw away and forget." I said sounding frustrated.

Marcus: "Who said anything about throwing you away? You know I'm not like that Aysha!" He exclaimed. I could sense anger in his tone. "You know what?! FUCK THIS SHIT. I'm coming over." and he hung up.

- sorry for the spelling errors I typed it as quickly as I could so you guys could have the pleasure of reading it:]

You know you hate me ;P

SORRYY ;o I know i've been away for such a long time, But I've had alot to straiten out these past weeks. Also, we had troubles with the way the story was going, and finally came to a conclusion. And hopefully, You will be receiving the next post to this story right after this post. I love you all and I'm Hella Sorry ;o

- Crystal Spankbomb.

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No Dream Is Too Big

Whats good every one how y'all been ? :D
I've been busy so sorry cus i don't have the time to post any thing.

One of the things I’d always looked forward to was the day hip-hop films matured, when they would outgrow the shit like How High, I Got Da Hook-Up and movies like Get rich or die tryin or Soul Plain. Don’t get me wrong. I have enjoyed the hip-hop movies that they did . But there comes a point where one must get better. Finally the point had come and there is a movie that can be the one to open Hollywood and the world, to make them see that hip-hop culture has stories that should be told on the big screen, stories that tell the world that not every Hip-hop artist is careless and has 4 baby mama's and smokes weed all day and talks about money, cars, and clothes all the time. Well for all the ppl that thought that the art of hip-hop is like that then ur wrong and they need to go watch "Notorious". It’s the life story of the dead Hip Hop King Biggie aka Notorious Big. The movie is really nice and "Real" . I liked it a lot and I was so into it to the point that I cried in the end cus it was a sad how we lost someone so great. Maybe if u wasn’t in to this kind of movies or into Biggie then maybe u wouldn’t like it as much as I did but u will not hate it . I've been a fan of Big since I was about 4 yrs old. I swear I remember dancing to his songs when my uncle would play them, until now am a big fan of him. Real hip hop is not when they talk about the dummest shit sometimes like the shit some dum ass rappers talk about (50 cent, Soulja boi and many more ) they killed hip hop but thank god we still got some ppl that are holding Hip-hop high like Jay-z, Nas, Lil Wayne Snoop and Game nd many more. But it is soo sad that hip hop lost the BEST like 2Pac, Biggie , Eazy-e and many more for some dumm reasons.

Rest In Peace to all the dead loved Hip-hop Rappers


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Question;o

You guys know the song Arab Money Right? I know ulla sha5barii and all, but is it "7aram"?Because so far people told me ee oo others told me no :S so i wanna know because I love it oh so very much. Please and thanks:]

- Crystal Spankbomb.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

[11] Something pretty?

     I opened the door, and just stood there staring blankly at the two men in front of me. How unexpected was that? Of course I remained silent, not saying a word to any of the two. I closed the door after they walked in and led them silently to the backyard. Some one pinch me! This must be a dream ;/. 

   Barak: "Halaaaa Bdaiir, shlonikk? Zaynnn yaytooowww, 3abalii bss rabe3 jazoiii beyoonn," He exclaimed. Bader turned around and stared at me with "nafseeyah". I ignored

   Jazzi: "Haha welii all around us mn mutaa 9arow my friends?" I said jokingly, since the place was mostly packed with him and Msharii's friends.

Oki, I'm thinking I should tell you who bader and the other guy are, right? Bader is my ex. We met the beginning of my second year of Uni. We were together for 14 months. It was a good 14 months really, I thought we'd be together for way longer than that. Guess I was wrong. After a year of us being together, he had transferred to Miami, while his friend (the guy that was with him), 9ale7, stayed here in Tampa. He was a pretty close friend of mine. I knew him even before I knew Bader! But for some reason, Bader didn't trust me around 9ale7, and after two months of him being away, and 9ale7 constantly by my side, we broke up. Bader claimed he thought 9ale7 had feelings for me, and didn't want to lose their friendship over a girl. Yes he said that;/. He said i was JUST A GIRL. Stupid, sweet, naive me actually thought he loved me. 

     Of course that wasn't the real issue, he was actually dating another girl at the same time. A girl he knew from back in high school. When i found out about the girl, I lost all innocent hope of me and him getting back together. And that was the end of me knowing both him and 9ale7. What a lovely surprise that their both in my backyard right now, right? 

*** Back to the story ***

Bader, 9ale7 and Barak were all chatting away about events going on in Kuwait, the stock market and what not. I had my back given to Bader, but I could still feel his gaze on me. I decided I'd pretend like I didn't know him for the rest of the evening. At least that would spare me a day, right?

Aysha's P.O.V:

   Msharii is soo adorable! He is such a hotty I swear;o. And you wanna hear the weird thing about it? Both him AND Marcus are here today, and I'm not having any problems from both! yet.. Any ways back to more important stuff. 

   I grab a burger from the bbq plate, and walk around to find Jazzi. I haven't seen her all day. I've been busy lately [tee-he;p]. What a shock it was when i found her with a triangle of guys. WHAT A LOVELY MIX. Her ex, her current hotty, and and ex friend of hers, all talking. Together? At the same time? At the same place? Something must be wrong. I'm gonna go pull her out of that circle of doom and have a chat with her. 

   Aysha: "Jaziii there you are! I need to borrow you're shorts..", I yell and before I complete my sentance, I yank her away and drag her to her room, close the door and just stand there staring at her for about 5 minutes, trying to understand what the situation is. Suddenly, she starts laughing. Is she high?!

   Jazzi: "HAHAHA Omg, I can't believe it. Is this fate or what? Please tell me this isn't reall, cause something like that isn't supposed to happen right? They can't.." She kept on ranting and ranting on about the possibilities of all this being a dream. I blocked out her voice because I knew she wouldn't stop. She always does this when she's worried or nervous. I interrupt her..

   Aysha: "Jazzi! Stop!" I scream, "Dude you can't be high, that's my thing aiight" Yes i did the ghetto thing. "First explain what happened, so we're both on the same page here." I said trying to act calm. As a result she calmed down and told me how she opened the door and just FOUND them standing there. She must've seemed pretty shocked. I hope Barak didn't notice. We decided to stick to Jazzi's plan and pretend like she didn't remember them, and hopefully no one would suspect a thing.

   I hope Marcus doesn't mention we know them either. I should go talk to him...

Jazzi's P.O.V: 

   I returned to Barak and "company" with a big fake cheesy grin on my face. The look on Barak's face though told me he had sensed something was wrong. Bader and 9ale7 didn't even adress me infront of him. It's like I was invisible to them. Although Bader was burning holes in my face with his incredibly hateful stares.

   Barak: "eeh ma3arraftkum 3ala the hotty next to me, excuse me I meant My hotty," He said while he looked at me and smiled, placing his arm on my waist, "Hathee Jazzi" he informed. Bader shot his hand out, along with a long enduring stare.

   Bader: "Tsharafna Jazzi, ana Bader", he said shooting me a hidden evil smile. I don't know why though. It's not like I was the insecure freak in the relationship.

   Jazzi: "il sharaf lee," I said giving him one of my looks. I shook his hand and 9ale7's. 9ale7 on the other hand, was nice to me, and his greeting was heartfelt. 

After our introduction, they went back to talking about the topic they've been talking about all night, and I decided to take it as my que to leave quietly. As soon as I turned my head I found Ahmed in my face, staring intently. He's worse than and annoying little fly I swear! I decided to walk over to Khaled to get me something to eat. I'm starved:o. Unfortunately Ahmed continued to follow me around, until I joined a group of girls he didn't recognize, and walked away into the house. after eating, everyone was dancing around or chilling by, or inside the pool. Barak decided we jump in, so I did as he did. Bader and 9ale7 were talking and staring at me and Barak.

   Barak: "Tara I told them you were my Girlfriend, Hope you don't mind", He said with a cheesy grin, "Bs 8athooni killa their staring at you! You're mine fahma?!" He exclaimed. I wonder what that meant. Well what ever it was it made me blush, which made him kiss me, right in front of BADER!;o How awkward can this night get!?


   Marcus and Msharii bump roads (ya3nee yt9adfuun;p) and they just stand there giving each other death stares.

Msharii: "Aysha thinks im hott."
Marcus: "Well I've known her way longer than you have." 
Msharii: "Doesn't matter, she likes ME more."
Marcus: ".."
Msharii: "Tell me, did she even say Hi to you?" He was amuzed by this.
Marcus: "I was the one who didn't say hi to her." The sound like 5 yr olds don't they? Fighting on a shiny new toy they had to share. And then, all of a sudden...
Marcus: "Why are we fighting over her? Aren't we civilized enough to settle this like adults" It's like he hit epiphany [sub7ana alla]
Msharii: "[looking around] you're right. She's busy with all the other guys. She's never satisfied with one person." Their actually agreeing on something?
Marcus: "How bout we call truce. We both won't be "into" her anymore." In his head: Haha no more competition (what a devil;p)
Mshari: "Sure![happy there's no competition as well] let's shake on it. 
(and so they did)

   They went looking for Aysha because they needed to talk to her. 

Aysha's P.O.V:

It's late, and dark, but I can't make out the time. I'm dancing with a bunch of hotties, when suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and would you guess who it is? It was Marcus. And Mshari. Toghether! sh3ndhum? And they're both smiling.

: "We have something to tell you," they said in unison. "We don't like you anymore, and we're going to act mature about it, and you could be friends with whoever you want," Continued Msharii. They both gave me huge grins and walked off in the same direction. I guess that means their friends now. What an odd couple [literally]. How confusing. Oh well, it's not like I lost anything. Now back to dancing with the hotties.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

[10] Got me singin' that La La La.

Jazzi's P.O.V: 

     I woke up to find no one around me. I looked at the clock on the wall, which indicated it was 2 p.m. I rubbed my eyes and went into my room to wash up and change into something comfy. While going to my room, I looked out and the weather seemed amazing, so i thought Hey, why not go for a swim?. I rushed into my room, washed my face up and stood before my swimsuit drawer to choose one. I think I'll go with the fluorescent pink one today. I wear my swim undies but cant seem to get it closed from the back, so I walk out to see if anyone's there to help.

   Jazzi: "Ayshaaa! Baraaaak! Mshaariii! Where is everyone?!" I yelled. Barouk comes rushing down from upstairs.

   Barak: "Oh hey your up," He smiles warmly. "What's with you bikini top?" He asks amused.

  Jazzi: "I can't get it closed, will you help?" I ask innocently. 

   Barak: "Would you like me to rub some lotion on you too?" he says, "Cuz I'll totally do it" He adds sarcastically with a grin. I'm sure you would  I think.

So he got it closed up and asked if he could join me in my swim. I said yes ofcourse. But first, I asked where Msharii and Aysha were. 

   Barak: "They went to get icecream, Oh and a few of your and my friends are coming over for a barbeque" He says. "We all decided this while you were asleep" He said smiling. 

I run to the pool and scream "Last one in's a rotten pineapple" Madre laish ;/. 
He got his shorts on and we jumped in the pool and fooled around. We were splashing each other, playing random games in the pool, and asking each other random things. It was all too innocent. Suddenly he starts getting closer, then even closer, till he's only 5 cms away from my face.

   Barak: "If I did something right now, would you let me?" he asks quietly. My heart was beating so fast!;o I couldn't even concentrate. Him gazing into my eyes left me breathless as well. 

   Jazzi: "What kinda thing?" I ask, trying to keep my self from fainting. Even in the pool he smelled good! He smelled like cigarettes and a strong cologne, Angel Schlesser. 

Then suddenly out of nowhere, while I'm deep in thought. A huge wave of water splashes on my face and I'm being drowned. I laugh at my self for thinking he was going to kiss me! He pulls me up 5 seconds later.

   Barak: "Haha, that was fun" He says, with a huge grin plastered on his face.

   Jazzi: "I was completely not expecting that," I answer truthfully.

   Barak: "Then what did you think I was going to do?" He asks seriously. Obviously he's ammused by this. I stay silent. He gets even closer. I try backing away, but my stupid brain won't act on the commands I give it!;/ GAAH Blast you, Brain;(.

   Now that barak is only one centimeter away from my lips, I can't do anything about it. I don't move. I don't speak. I don't even breathe. He looks down at my lips then back up into my eyes. I look down at his lips, giving him complete permission for what he's about to do. It's so different kissing a guy in broad daylight, where anyone could be watching. Even if this is Florida, I'm still self consious about it. We're so in the moment. Barouk gets closer and is about to kiss me when all of a sudden...

: "I7m" says a manly voice. I turn around and would you guess who it is that appears like that, just out of the blue?! Yup, it was him. Stalkerboy:] Here to ruin yet another great moment. Can't he just jump off a cliff or marry a hippo or something? 

   Barak: "I7m yourself," He replies, "5ayr na3am, did you want anything?!" He says, annoyed by Ahmed's interruption. 

   Ahmed: "Huh? Ahh.." He answers staggering, "La I just wanted to inform you that I've arrived with snacks, and Khaled's on his way with the real food." He says.

   Barak: "Well you know the way to the fridge," Barak says coldly, "Don't have what we're doing stop you from putting the refreshments in there." He continues.

Ahmed walks away, clearly he is surprised by the way Barak replied. 

  Barak: "So, Where were we?" He says with a huge smile on his face. "Oh yeah, Ryt here.." And out of no where he kisses me. I was pretty shocked he'd do it infront of Ahmed. What was he thinking?! God i felt dizzy for 5 whole minutes after that kiss;o. Ahmed kept staring at me for a while. 

   Mshari and Aysha: "Wee're baack, and we brought drinks and ice cream enough for an army", They sang.  

   Mshari: "Oh yea, a bunch of me and Barak's friends are coming for the party too," He added, while rushing behind Aysha into the kitchen. Party? I thought this was some close get together barbeque. Oh well, the more the marrier right? Glad I'm wearing something bright today I thought. 

   Half an hour later Khalid arrived with the food. He had hott dogs, burgers, chicken, ribs, everything you could possibly eat at a barbeque. He kept him self busy with grilling the food. This party seemed to get bigger and bigger every second. A while after that Marcus showed up, and saw Aysha sitting on the couch with Msharii. Ofcourse he didn't say hi to her, he just headed to where Khalid was at to help with the BBQ. A while later a couple guys and girls Msharii and Barak knew showed up. Later, Khaled's friends came, and they hung out around the barbeque on the chairs. Me and Barak were still in the pool joined by a couple of his friends I didn't know, Rashed and Salem. Ahmed saw Salem [turns out he knows him;] and jumped in right next to me.

   Ahmed: "Halaaa salooom! Shlonik mn mzaan 3aniik" Ahmed said. They exchange formalities and he joined us. Yay me. He kept staring at me like an insane person, and Barak gave him the same insane stares. When the doorbell rang he offered to go get it. Thank god he's finally gone;/ 

     You'll never guess what he did though! He passed by me to get out the pool from the stairs, and actually pinched my arse;o The nerve on some people! I was pretty freaked out when he did that. It's not enough he had that stalker look to him, he had to go do something nasty too! When I turned around to give him a disgusted look, he turned around and gave me a look that was supposed to be sexy? Well, the "look" made goose bumps appear and made a chill run down my spine. What a weird fella, I guess he'll never get that I'm not into him.

     When it was 6 pm, and alot of people were already here (music booming, drinks keep coming, you know how it is;p), Lunch was finally served. While everyone helped themselves to food and more drinks, I entered my room to get some shorts on me. It was getting cool now. On my way to the backyard, the doorbell rang. The shock I had when I answered that door. That was one person I SURE AS HELL didn't expect to appear here. 

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ellow ellow xD.

Every body;o I'm so sorry we haven't posted in a bazzilion years, It's just been hectic lately. I fell sick by the beginning of the week, then had to leave to Dubai on tuesday. and I just came back last night ! ;D Hopefully I'll write a ton of story posts this week;* W asfeen 3ala lig9uur;p I love you loyal readers! 

   Oh yeah, Jimi Hendrix? Gotta love him! Purple haze, Voodoo Child and Hey Joe are my ultimate faves:] [hey joe]

copy paste this and listen to the legend play. Love you mucho;*

-Crystal Spankbomb.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

[9] When the going gets rough.

     By 2 am, Everyone was still dancing and enjoying themselves. Only everyone was getting drunker as well. Barak only had one more glass, since I was around him and he didn't want to offend me. I wonder how Aysha's doing...

Aysha's P.O.V:

    Oh.My.God. This party is dope! I'm coming here every week! And I made friends with the host, Melissa. She's pretty cool. Turns out she's had a thing for Marcus for a while now. He keeps telling her he's into someone else though (haha I feel so cool:]). So it's about 2:30 am when things start getting rough. I knew it was a mistake bringing Msharii to the party;/..

     Marcus, very drunk right now, bumps into Msharii and goes up to him (without using his brain of course).

   Marcus: "Hey, who are you?" asked Marcus.

   Msharii: "Msharii, and you are?!" He asked, confused.

   Marcus: "none of you're business. You know Aysha right?" He continued without pause. "Well back off, cause she's mine you fuck." He said wanting to walk away.

   Msharii: "Well too bad man, she's with me now" He says with half a laugh, and walks away. 

Marcus looks at him for a while in pure hatred. Out of nowhere, he pushes Msharii, slamming him to the ground [that's gotta hurt]. As soon as people saw that happening, They pulled Marcus and Msharii away from each other in order to avoid starting a fight. They called me and told me what happened. I was in shock! I can't believe that idiot Marcus. He should know by now that I'm no one's girl. Not now, not ever. I go up to Msharii, he's tipsy but no injuries. 

   Msharii: "What was that all about? You being "his Girl"." He said mimicking Marcus. His voice sounded drunk.

   Aysha: "He's just a dumb fuck don't listen to him." I replied.

   Msharii: "Well that 'dumb fuck' sounded serious," He said with attitude.

   Aysha: "Let me take you to our home, and I'll explain everything there. I don't wanna start anymore fights." I said sympathetically. 

     I headed to Jazii and told her I'd be taking Msharii over to ours and for her to get a ride from anyone later with Barak. I went and got Msharii from over at the bar, and drove us home. The drive there was silent. Thank god Melissa's was only 10 minutes away from our home! I couldn't bare the silence. Not even the music was on. All through the drive, Msharii was lookin' outside the window. He looked pissed. When we got home, I opened the front door and walked in. He walked in behind me and collapsed on the couch. He seemed tired.

   Aysha: "I wanna talk to you about tonight, with marcus" I said.

   Msharii: "I don't feel too well," he said with a messed up face. It must be all the alcohol in him. So I led him to my room, gave him a fresh towel and a pair of huge boxers [yes, their mine;p I like huge stuff] and told him he could take a shower and clean uphere. All he said was..

   Msharii: *laughing* "A pink towel? That's.. nice." 

     After he went in to shower, I went down stair's and showered in the guest bathroom. I wore a pair of checkered boxers and a tank top, and headed upstairs to check on Msharii. When I opened the bedroom door, he was lying asleep on top of the bed with only the boxers on. He looked Soo adorable while asleep. Just like an angel;p. I didn't bother waking him up. I pulled my sidekick out, texted Jazii and told her the boys could sleep here (since probably both of 'em were tipsy) and then fell asleep next to Msharii. 

Jazii's P.O.V:

By 3 Am, people started to leave, and I was getting pretty tired. A buzz indicated i had received a text on my blackberry. 

1 Message: 
From Ayouush;*
Ma let the guy's sleep at ours tonight, Msharii and I are home, their car's parked outside our house. See ya when you get back ma;*

I replied that we'd be getting home soon, and asked Marcus for a ride.

   Marcus: "But can I come in?" he asked suddenly.

   Jazzi: "I'm not sure that's a pretty wise idea.."I said, "besides it's getting late," I continued. He laughed it off.

   Marcus: "I'm just messin' witcha girl, sure I'll take you home." He said nicely.

In 10 minutes we were home, and we were tired! Me and Barak went up to check on Msharii and Aysha, and found them asleep on Aysha's bed. They looked sooo adorable;o Barouk laughed when he saw them like that;p. We decided to chill downstairs since we didn't wanna wake them up. I made popcorn and we decided to watch some scary movie airing on t.v. I wasn't the "scare easy" type, but I faked it just to be close to him;p Cheesy much? [yeah, I can get cheesier] It was adorable;o

   Barak: "Jazzi It's oki hun I'm here and nothing's gonna ever hurt you" He said. Isn't he the sweetest?;p I just sighed in reply. He laughed. I fell asleep at around 5 AM in his arms. I've never slept so comfortably in my life.

*Next post will contain more "action" I promise!;p* 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Foools xD.

Off yesterday was chaotic. I got pranked a several bunch of times, and wasn't able to pull off a prank on anyone;( I either used it the year before on the SAME person and forgot, or they just knew me too well. I actually COMPLETELY believed one of the pranksters ;o uff i felt so 9aida ;( Share you're own April Fool's stories here!;* 

-Crystal Spankbomb.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

[8] Can I have this dance?

At The Party; Aysha's P.O.V:

   The party was tight! We entered and everyone was enjoying themselves. When we walked over to the dance floor, guess who I saw? It was Marcus, Grinding with one of those skanky girls he knows. I don't know why, but I suddenly got frustrated. I pulled Mshari by the hand and ordered that we were going to dance. He seemed to enjoy my sudden control over him. We danced to around where Marcus and that betch were, but he didn't seem to notice! I eventually convinced my mind to stop caring and got back to enjoying what me and Mshari were doing. He was a pretty good dancer too! He held me close from my waist the whole time, which I liked. After dancing to a few songs, I excused my self to the bar and asked if he wanted any thing. I got my self some Grey Goose, and got him Vodka with ice. That boy was a drinker. I liked it. 

     After gulping down our drinks we were in for another hour of crazy dancing. They played my favorite, Sticky face by Trey songs. We danced to it, then he excused himself saying he wanted to check up on Barak, and say hello to a friend. It gave me a chance to go chill at the bar and catch a breath. I must've been tipsy. I ordered another Goose, and chilled. When all of a sudden..

   Marcus: "Hey, what do you think you're doing?" He asked in a confused tone. It confused me, actually! ;S 

   Aysha: "What do you mean?" I said acting all innocent.

   Marcus: "I mean, with the dude over there" He says with a nod.

   Aysha: "The same thing you were doing with that friend of yours" I snapped.

   Marcus stayed silent.

   Aysha: "Besides there's nothing between me and you. We're just friends and I should be able to enjoy my self with a hot guy if I want to." I said with a huff and went back to the dance floor. He just sat there dumbfounded.

Jazzi's P.O.V:  

   We entered the party and immediately each pair went their separate ways. Barak first said hi to a couple of people he knew and I greeted the host. Later we dance on the dance floor opposite Aysha and Mshari. It was pretty fun! We danced for a couple of hours.

   Barak: "Hey, you wanna go somewhere quieter?" He whispered in my ear. How could I resist with that voice and his scent. It was a mixture of Creed and Marlboro's. Delicious! 

  Jazzi: "Sure," I said with a smile. I wonder what he was planning. We went upstairs and found an empty room. He sat on the bed and motioned for me to sit next to him. Instead of sitting me next to him, he pulled me closer and made me sit on his lap. we stayed like that for a while just  staring into each other's eyes. He seemed a bit tipsy, he probably had a drink or two. 

   Barak: "Jazzi why are you this pretty?" He said trying to compliment me. "Wallah iniiichh 3athaab! You're perfect in every way!" He exclaimed. How strait-forward he was. I never knew he had a sensitive side. It was adorable. Suddenly out of nowhere he pulls me into him and our lips lock. The emotions flowing through my stomach were unstable and unimaginable! I couldn't think, I didn't even know what I was doing! I had managed to get it in my head that we were making, and I liked it. At first it was a sweet kiss, innocent and plain. After a while though it got rougher, and he really knew what he was doing! It seemed we were kissing for hours, but to my disappointment it was only 20 minutes. The most amazing 20 minutes of my day! 

     The kiss left me out of breath, and I still hadn't realized it. Its been a while since I last kissed a guy. It usually takes me an awful long time to trust someone this quickly. Although, something about Barak was different, he made me trust him. It wasn't a choice for me to trust him, it was like I was sucked in towards him by this gravitational pull. We just clicked, you know? Plus, did I mention how hott his lips were? the perfect kissing buddies! Wait, but where does that leave us now? Great, more questions to add to the never-ending list!

   Barak: "What are you thinking about?" He asked studying my face. I had forgotten he was there! I was so deep in thought I forgot to acknowledge his presence right after the kiss.

   Jazzi: "Not much, Just how amazing that kiss was." I said simply. When I realized what I said I blushed and pulled my head down. 

     With his finger he lifted my chin up and looked me straight in the eye. *Sighs* His eyes made my whole body melt!

   Barak: "7ayatii intay," He said warm-heartedly, "With an amazing girl like you, of course it'll be a great kiss," he continued sweetly. He gave me a peck on the lips. 
"You know I think I'm getting feelings for you," He confronted. "That kiss just confirmed my suspicions," He smiled. I smiled back. I loved his smiles! I think I have feelings for him too.;o

     We went down just then, and I couldn't stop thinking about him. His smile, those eyes, those lips, that body! I must be dreaming! We enjoyed the party and each other's company. One thing was for sure, though. There'd be a lot to talk about tonight.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

[7] Interpretations.

Jazzi's P.O.V.: 
    The first week back from spring break wasn't bad. It was a blur really. I never saw Aysha in  campus, she was always with Mshari. Its soo cute how much she's into him! I'm genuinly happy for her since she's not the commiting type, but this guy might change her mind. You see, Aysha's always had harsh experiences with commitment and relationships. It seemed her relationships would go from bad to worse! So she just gave up on it all a few years back. Though all week, she juggled Mshari and Marcus all by herself. Surprisingly, none of them crossed roads, which was a good thing for her. She really liked both of them and didnt want to risk losing either one.

     It's finally friday, and the end of the week. With one more class to gp [management with mr. seal face (andrew)], we were excited to see what the weekend would bringg
Me, Aysha and Mshari sat in the back. Class was pretty boring like always, and the proffessor let us out early il 7mdla! I literally ran out of class, and guess who my clumsiness bumped into ? Again?!:P yup it was barak, he looked handsome than ever! His curls glistened in the sun, and his RayBan's excentuated his handsomely shaped face. He looked so Mexican for a full Kuwaiti. It was hott! he was wearing a white Abercrombie shirt that clung to his body, making him even more irresistible, and training pants. Pretty casual, but it made him look like a god *sighs*, expecially with his perfectly toned and tanned body. 

   Barak: "Tara we have to stop meeting like this," he says laughing. I blush.

   Jazzi: "Hehe shnsawee ba3ad," I say, "I guess we're just ment to meet like this everytime" I said cheesily. I smacked my self mentally at my stupid remark.

  Barak: laughing, "Eeh ba3ad shlonkum? how are things?" He asked. "I'm hear to pick up my cousin", he added. We were now walking around. "It's so nice hear in Tampa" He commented, "I'm thinking of transferring." I smiled.

  Jazzi: "hehe cool" I said simply, "You'd enjoy it here." "and we're all good il7mdlaa," I continued. I ended with, "You're cuzin and my friend Aysha are really hitting it off!" 

He suggested we all go to Taco Belle once Aysha and Msharii reached us. In 15 minutes we all jumped into Barak's Porche cayenne turbo and headed to the nearest Taco Belle. We ate and chatted and laughed and had a good time. Mshari and Aysha were so absorbed in each others conversations I don't think they noticed us sitting right next to them. It was so cute really. After eating, the guys insisted they pay the bill, so we let them. 

   Aysha: "Hey I know!" She exclaimed, "This girl I know named Melissa hosts great parties around our neighborhoood," She said, "You guys wanna join?" She asked, "We're going at 9", she continued.

     Of course the boys agreed, and Dropped us home, hung out a bit,then left to change and come back so we would all go together. For once me and Aysha finished at the same time. And might I add, we looked stunning! I was in a blue bustier dress that went up to my thighs, along with Loboutin Black leather pumps. Aysha was in a bright blue Bcbg dreass that had a big bow at the bust area and paired it with her Prada black patent leather heals. I had left my hair the way it always was, and added a bit of eyeliner and mascara to my eyes, as well as red lipstick on my lips. Aysha did the same only without the lipstick. 

     30 minutes after we were ready the boys arrived. Both of them just stood there and stared at us. They were looking Mightyy Fiinnee! Barak was in all white, which made him look like the hottest man alive! I loved white on him.

Aysha's P.O.V:

     When Mshari walked in our front door he would not stop looking at me! I loved it, but it made me blush at the same time. I don't recall EVER blushinng, so this must be the first time. What is going on with me?! This guy's got a strong hold on me alreadyy *sighs*. He came close to me that moment and whispered in my ear.

   Mshari: "You're gorgeous you know that?" I couldn't answer. I just concentrated on my shoes and acted like it didn't matter.

   Mshari: "Ha where's my hug?" He asked with a big smile on his face, which allowed that lovely dimple on his cheek to show. I laughed and hugged him then he kissed my cheek. He kissed my other cheek and was going in for the lips. ALREADY!

   Aysha: "Holdd itt big guyyy!" I exclaimed, "You don't want me doing something you'll regret later," I threatened jokingly.

   Mshari: "I'll take that chance," He said innocently. ".. On second thought maybe later." He just stood there staring into my eyes. What an awkward moment. Barak and Jazzi were in a completely other world, thank god!

just then barak changed the subject.

   Barak: "Yalla lets get going, It's 9:30 now, and I'm so in the mood to partyy" He said excitedly. 

     I watched Mshari as he walked on ahead of me. I never actually noticed how hot he was! He was muscular, just not alot. His biceps were firm. The rest of him was toned, and he had the face of an angel, I swear! He was in a green shirt and jeans. He looked adorably casual, but it showed off the rest of his body greatly!

We jumped into Barak's car and drove off to the party.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Okai, a show of hands from all the ladies who are a victim of this crime. Procrastination: Doesn't it just kill you?! Some might say you're lazy, Other's may think it's just a habit. But you know what I think? Maybe its like a trait passed down by our fellow Kuwaiti ancestors back then, because I don't think I've met a Kuwaiti who doesn't procrastinate. But hey, as long as we get the job done who cares right?;p Sorry I haven't been posting so much ;( I have tons of assignments due by the end of this week and the next and I haven't even started on anything!;o So my goal for these two days is to actually WORK on something, then post another story post. I love all our silent and non silent readers! Especially Starlight and Charmbracelet;] Thanks for all the support you guys!;*

- Crystal Spankbomb.  

Monday, March 23, 2009

[6] A new day, a new beginning.

Jazzi's P.O.V:  (monday)

   For some stupid reason I had trouble sleeping all night. Not because I had something on my mind, but because it was completelyy blank. I woke up that day at 6:30 bored as hell. I remembered it was a uni day, so I decided to pick an outfit to wear. but First, I needed a bath. After an hour long bath, I climbed out of the tub, dried my self and headed to the closet. I decided on a White+ Gold pony Ralph Lauren button down shirt with dark skinny jeans. I thought I'd keep it simple and wear my black ysl gladiator sandals. I let my hair air dry and went down to prepare myself a bowl of cereal, and got Aysha's favorite cereal out too. 

     Later I applied eyeliner and mascara since i like keeping it simple, and lipgloss. When it turned 9:30 I woke Aysha up which was a hastle. But she was up earlier than expected. I ate breakfast as she dressed and watched spongebob in the living room downstairs;p. She came down an hour later in a House of Holland tshirt, leggings, and heels to match the color of the shirt. 

     It was 10:30 now and we were already running late. We jumped into Aysha's Escalade and speeded off to campus. When we arrived, everyone knew we were here. Prom Queen was playing loudly and the bass was jumping. We was pimpin' ;D. With 15 minutes to spare, Aysha ran off saying she had some "business" to take care of;p. I love you Aysha!;* When it was five minutes to our management class, I decided to head to the lecture hall. Our professor was a pretty moody character, and I wanted to sit at the back to avoid contact with him. 

Aysha's P.O.V:

     Shit! How does time fly by so fast, I don't get it. I'm 5 minutes late to Proffesor Andrew's Lecture, so I think it be best to play it safe and get the first open seat at the front. I rushed into the hall and sat by the edge of the room right at the front. This must've been the first time I EVER sit in the front. But its not so bad. Lot'sa cuties up here. And I never really noticed what our proffesor looked like. He was like the human version of a seal! Round head, weird mustache and all that. He was just as round as seals too;p. Poor guy, We make fun of him alot. 

     5 minutes into the lecture I'm bored stiff, and I decide to make conversation with a cutie right next to me. Come to think of it, this is the first time I notice him around here, and believe me I'm usually the first to notice a hottie!;p He was bald, tanned, Big brown eyes. He had sexy lips and a gorgeous smile. I think I might have stared a bit too long because he turned around to stare back.

   Aysha: "Hi." I whispered, "You're new here", I continued.

   Him: "haha u noticed" He said a bit loudly, which made proffesor Andrew shoot us a look. 

   Aysha: "So newby, you gotta name?" I said wisely.

   : "Oh and I suppose you're the welcoming commity?" He smiled sarcastically, allowing his dimples to be seen. His dimples were hott:O

   Aysha: "You can say that, I'll make you feel right at home" I said with a smile, "The names Aysha btw," I said. 

   : "Delighted to meet you 3awasha" He said cutely. Already I have a nickname? ;plol

When Class finished he walked me out and we sat around and talked. It turns out he had just transferred from AUK and is in Fl with his cousin. Weirdly that sounded familiar. I still didn't catch his name. 10 minutes later Jazzi came by and I introduced them.

: "It's nice to meet you Jazzi, ana mshari il Flani." he said pleasantly.

   Jazzi: "Nice to meet you too," jazzi replied with a smile. "she9eerlik Barak il flaani?" she asked curiously.

   Mshari: "weld 5altiii!" he said surprised. "So youuur the Jazzii he talked about," He said slyly. They chitchatted for a bit, and I felt completely lost in between them.

Jazzi then walked away with some excuse, and it gave me time to show him around campus and the way to his classes. When it was fifteen minutes to my statistics class, I showed him the way to Calculus 301 and each of us went our seperate ways. Ofcourse, phone numbers were exchanged;p

--- sorry this is a shorter post than usual;( It's been hectic these past days.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

[5] Show it like it is.

Jazzi's P.O.V:

     I woke up the next morning with the sun in my eyes, and realized I had fallen asleep in the backyard. I look at my watch and its onlyy 6 am. Yaayy, more time for mee to swim ;D I thought. I took my pants off and imediately dived into the pool. After three straight hours of swimming I hear sounds coming from inside, and I decide to check out if Aysha had woken up. Turns out it was just khalood. Alone. Thank god.

   Jazzi: "Heyy khalood, good morning", I say cheerfully.

   Khalid: "Ha Jazooi, You got any breakfast?" he asked.

   Jazzi: "Im making french toast okay?" I replied.

   Khalid: "Allaaaaa sha5baryy last time I ate that I was 10" He said jokingly.

   Jazzi: "5ala9 it'll be ready for the three of us in a half hour." I noted and started making french toast. After, I took a quick shower and joined Khalid at breakfast. I told him about Barak, and how we met and all. I also told him that I ran into him at campus. He immediately responded with a smile.

   Khalid: "EEEEH wild flan hatha he's a good kid, I'm pretty close wit him ma self," He said,"He studies Business just like u two, but he takes it back in Miami." He continued. Khalid was like a brotherly figure to me since I didn't have any brothers myself. I came to him for advice and he did the same. I decided I'd tell Aysha I saw him again as soon as she was copletely awake. I also heard they were at a party the earlier night. I couldn't wait to hear if any thing "action-y" had happened as she put it ;p.  

     Aysha woke up two ours later at 11, Had her breakfast and sat before the T.V. next to me. I thought this was the perfect oppurtunity to tell her. She hates it if I don't tell her every single detail that I've gone through in my life.

   Jazzi: "So I ran into Barak the other day," I said nonchalantly. She didn't process it quite as fast as I thought she would.

   Aysha: "YOU What?! the Mexico boy? now why do I have to be the last one to know ma?" She said trying to overwhelm me with guilt. "Well anyways tell me everything, and don't you dare leave out a detail" she exclaimed, wiggling her eyebrows.

     So I told her everything, and she seemed happy, but she hated the babysitting the cousin part. After that we were bored stiff, so we thought it be a good time to go shopping. We both changed into cute outfits, hopped into my black M3, and drove off to International Mall. This mall has pretty cool shit, like apple bottom, baby fat, Victoria's secret, Abercrombie and fitch, and don't forget the shoe stores (and other stuff Aysha likes)!;p After each one of us had about 10 bags in her hand, we decided to drop them in the car and come back for some late lunch at the cheese cake factory. Later we decided to go to a movie, then head home.

It was 5 in the evening when we left the mall, and almost immediately after leaving the mall Aysha's sidekick buzzed.

*Incoming call*

   Aysha: "Hey Kay what up cuz?" said Aysha, I knew it was Khalid by then.
Khalid: " Ha me and ma boy Ahmed are coming over for a swim okay? We brought burgers for BBQ" he included. 
Aysha: "7ayakum khaliid." And they hung up

     Aysha then informed me that they were coming over and that we'd be lounging in the pool all day. I certainly didn't mind that. I loved swimming more than anything. Also I wanted to try on my new yellow victoria's secret bikini. My complexion and the color yellow went greatly together.


Back home: 

     When we had arrived, Khalid and Ahmed were already in the backyard flipping burgers. Khalid loved it when we did this because it reminded him of back home in K-town. So we parked the car, Changed into our swimsuits and joined the guys near the pool. It was around 6, and the sun had begun to set. The view was magnificent!  

   Aysha: "Don't you just LOVE Florida?" She asked with a smile. I smiled back. I could tell she was thinking what I was thinking from that distant look in her face.

      We jumped into the pool and splashed around 'til the guy joined us. Ahmed the lil' creep wouldn't take his eyes off me! Don't get me wrong, he was hott and all, but his personality was way beyond weird. Something in him just didn't make me feel comfortable, and that's exactly how I felt when he stared at me. We decided to have a chicken fight, and Ahmed insisted I get on his back. I apparently refused, haha ;D. He was still staring when we were playing which made me lose balance and fall into the pool again;(. When it was time for dinner, I offered to go in and get us the drinks. So i pulled my self out of the pool and headed to the kitchen. As I was opening a 6 pack of Redbulls I could feel someone hugging me from the back. I didn't need to guess who it was.

   Jazzi: "Ahmed.. G-get off me." I said, stuttering for some odd reason.

   Ahmed: "You know how much you mean to me. I'd do anything for you, But I'm not letting you go." He said trying to sound caring, but I didn't like it.

   Jazzi: "Ahmed! Get off me. What the hells wrong with you?!" I said harshly. 

   Ahmed: "Why do you hate me this much?" He said. He sounded hurt. "Why don't you give me a chance just like all the other guys?" He asked.

   Jazzi: "Ahmed, I think of you as a brother nothing more." I said bluntly. "Please understand that I feel nothing more for you," I said getting away from him, and taking that as my que to exit. 

I joined Khalid and Aysha and Ahmed followed. We ate in silence and I decided to get an early night's sleep. Or maybe I'll just stay in my room and do stuff.;p

Ahmed's P.O.V: [for the first time;p]

Uff why is she always like that?! She knows I like her can't she like me back. And god she's sooo damn hott in that bikini. Makes me wanna.. uff;/. If only I had a chance to do something BIG with her. I'd be satisfied then. She doesn't have to like me as long as I get what I want. Kaa, she's getting up to her room now. Ima go join Khaluud and his cousin. What an end to a completely uneventful day.