Sunday, December 20, 2009


Life As We Know It

Here, we have a typical, every day cinderella story. The perfect fairytale. Boy likes girl, have been friends from birth, parents are the best of friends. Naturally, the kids grow up and begin to develop feelings towards each other. Sooner or later the boy proposes to the girl's parents, as it is a tradition in the lovely Kuwait. Knowing what kind of a man he is, the parents immediately accept and it's off to planning the wedding! They are soon married, with three kids. & they live happily ever after. The End.

Life as we know it? Obviously, we're down here on planet Earth, so that wouldn't be the case for our lovely Joud. As much as she woul want this "fairytale" to be her's, it's not the way things go according to reality.

Chapter 1

     She lived a fairy tale youth, just like in the books. She had adoring parents who were at her every command. You see, she was an only child. A blessing from above, as her parents would say. they provided her with a fantasy of a life. The best clothes, best toys, a tree house, all the pets she ever wished for; most people would say she was spoilt rotten! But that wasn't the way our lovely Joud acted. She was the nicest to everyone.

     She met him the day of her 3rd birthday, her parents had invited all their closest friends as well as their children. Joud knew most of them but she hadn't seen him before. he wasn't all that nice either. After they blew out her candles he pulled her hair and decided to squish her face into the cake. ;o...

To be continued!;o Watch out for the rest soon. Link will be posted for the new blog.

Til' then! x
Phlash A.K.A Crystal Spankbomb.


  1. I loooooove it ! Even if it is a typical story i love the way you write so i love and i will read anything you write ! ;)

    Post soon
    Hooked .

  2. You will continue this.
    Because I said so. Hmph.
    No, because this is entertainment!
    So you will post?

    Having been squished on that birthday cake a couple of times, I would sincerely like to know what's yet to happen :)

  3. To both of you, I'm sorry I made you wait for an extremely long time! ;(
    I hope you're still excited to read the stuff I posted! x