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Chapter 5;

As Joud; 
My reaction was Priceless! It was like in one of those dreams where you realize your naked and dash away as quickly as you could. Only I wasn't naked. And I just embarrassed my self! ;C hmph.

Buzzbuzz; That was my blackberry going off from Dina's million pings.

Joudi;* - (yn)    Calm down calm down he's here !

DeeBee;*         Really? Does my knight in shining armani look stunning in his deshdasha?

.. 2 minutes later

DeeBee;*         Well? .. what's taaking you so loong!

Before dina could send it I barged in the door, with a look stating I could've killed someone.

Dee; "Joudi what's wrong dear? You look like you just saw a ghost!!" she exclaimed.

J; "something like that .." I mumbled.. "I saw the mystery hotty! The one that we always see and gives me weird stares! AND NOW HE'S DOWNSTAIRS, IN YOUR!.." I screamed almost hyperventilating, but Dina put me to a halt.

Danaw; " Honey I told you he is a relative of Khaled's, yep I asked for you. Your welcome" She said with a content smirk. "oh. And his name is rakaan." she continued then went back to dabbing of the infinite amount of bronzer the make up artist had applied for her. She just absolutly hated exxecive make up, no matter how white she believed she was.

All I could think about now was the fact that I dashed off like a complete idiot from the kitchen, and up the stairs! Even Aunty Nawal, Dina's mom noticed I was frantic.... Ooh I just hope I can fix this.

One hour later;
So the melcha-ing part was pretty much over by now (Yep, Im not close with the wedding lingo), Ktbow il ketab and everything. They were now legally each other's. It was time for dinner now which was held in the garden under the stars. Time To Fix thiiss.. ooh boy there's Hamad coming my way noww..

I buzzed Dina instantly trying to get her to help me out of the awkward situation that was about to happen.

H; "Jouudaa! Kabraanaa" He said trying to make polite conversation.

J; "Mashkour 7amad" I said politely back, "Ilee ysma3 ygoul 9arlek ash'her ma tadre 3anna" I commented sarcastically.

H; "Well," He said, "You know how it is. Btw what was wrong gabl shway, shaklich kan mkhtr3!" He mentioned with concern

J; "Don't worry mafeeny illa il 3afya," I mentioned. "Bs Dina made me run back to tell her you were here" I said, too calmly that he looked at me with suspicion then said :

H; "Ok, 3ayal ta3aley et me introduce you to a relative of Khaled's, khosh walad" He said chuckling. And then like superwoman, Dina swooped in and save me much blush-ism (yes thats a word now;p) and embarrassment infront of the good looking relative.

Dina; "What's up you two!" she said coolly, "I'm sorry Jouda bs I'm gonna steal my man miniich dageega ok" she said winking at me, I mouthed a thankyou when Hamad wasn't looking and they walked away leaving me at peace with myself.

     As I turned around this little boy tripped into me and almost toppled both of us over! How very like me to embarrass my self at a very important social event, I thought.

J; "Are you ok?" I asked the stranger.

; "Noo silly! I'm s3oud" He said sarcastically, and ran off laughing with the rest of the kids.

Strange Hotty; "S3ouuud! he screamed after him, "Ayal.. I'll get you..."He kept on mumbling to himself then faced Hamad (who gave him a secret wink thinking I didn't see) then faced me and smiled, with his hand out. "Hi, ana Rakan" he commented (I shook his hand here), "sorry about my brother" he mentioned with a polite smile, "he gets his charm from me though!" he said with a laugh.

J; "Hi ana Joud, and don't worry about that He seems fun" I said.

H; "Haha, you should see him at home," he said , "A blast!" he continued sarcastically. And just like that we sort of hit it off. It was awkward on my part but he seemed very easy while talking to me.

Joudi;* - (yn)   Im not gonna like you for ten minutes ;(

MRS. DeeBee;*   :P ;*

Aunti Maha; "Hala ib 7abeebty Jouda!" she exclaimed. "Sh7alatich ilyom," she continued "Ashouf you met Rakoun weld khalaat Khalid." she said with a mischeivous smile on her face.

J; "haha eeh walla khalty, killa mn ukhoo!" I said laughing trying to act natural.

Hours Later;
finnally home! Thankgod that awkward situation is over. and I can't believe my DEE is engaged to wed. i feel like a happy mother.

MRS. DeeBee;*   Ping!

Joudi;* - (yn)       What is it Mrs. Al ****?;p

- x your welcome I hope it was worth the wait! comments much appreciated.

List of Characters;

I was feeling EXTRA nice today so I thought I'd continue my last story, along with the characters just incase anyone is lost:

Joud; seventeen. Mostly the main character, Dina's Cousin Her family are friends with Ahmed and Jala's families.

Dina; 18.Hamad's to - be wife, Joud's cousin. best friend is Dana

Dana; eighteen. Dina's best friend, likes a boy named khalid (who is a family friend) and have been inseperable from birth.

Jala; eighteen. Ahmed's crush, friends with dana dina and joud.

Ahmed;eighteen. His family is friends with Joud's. Likes Jala.

Khalid; nineteen. Family friends of Dana's, inseperable at birth. Hamad's best friend and relative of the mystery guy.

Hamad; nineteen. dina's to-be husband. best friends with khaled.

Mystery hottie; seems to like joud. un known yet.

Aunti Salwa; Um A7med. family friend of J's family.

Aunti Nawal; Um Dina.

Aunti Maha; Um Dana.

Aunti Su3aad; Um Joud.

enjoy, x

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Hey everyone, yes I know it's been forever since I posted a story post. It's been crazy hectic hal ayaam!
but I sort of started a new blog;o Its the same old rant-kinda thing. Check it out HERE .. please?;p 
Any who I promise I'll give you news about my stories soon! Truly yours, x