Tuesday, March 31, 2009

[7] Interpretations.

Jazzi's P.O.V.: 
    The first week back from spring break wasn't bad. It was a blur really. I never saw Aysha in  campus, she was always with Mshari. Its soo cute how much she's into him! I'm genuinly happy for her since she's not the commiting type, but this guy might change her mind. You see, Aysha's always had harsh experiences with commitment and relationships. It seemed her relationships would go from bad to worse! So she just gave up on it all a few years back. Though all week, she juggled Mshari and Marcus all by herself. Surprisingly, none of them crossed roads, which was a good thing for her. She really liked both of them and didnt want to risk losing either one.

     It's finally friday, and the end of the week. With one more class to gp [management with mr. seal face (andrew)], we were excited to see what the weekend would bringg
Me, Aysha and Mshari sat in the back. Class was pretty boring like always, and the proffessor let us out early il 7mdla! I literally ran out of class, and guess who my clumsiness bumped into ? Again?!:P yup it was barak, he looked handsome than ever! His curls glistened in the sun, and his RayBan's excentuated his handsomely shaped face. He looked so Mexican for a full Kuwaiti. It was hott! he was wearing a white Abercrombie shirt that clung to his body, making him even more irresistible, and training pants. Pretty casual, but it made him look like a god *sighs*, expecially with his perfectly toned and tanned body. 

   Barak: "Tara we have to stop meeting like this," he says laughing. I blush.

   Jazzi: "Hehe shnsawee ba3ad," I say, "I guess we're just ment to meet like this everytime" I said cheesily. I smacked my self mentally at my stupid remark.

  Barak: laughing, "Eeh ba3ad shlonkum? how are things?" He asked. "I'm hear to pick up my cousin", he added. We were now walking around. "It's so nice hear in Tampa" He commented, "I'm thinking of transferring." I smiled.

  Jazzi: "hehe cool" I said simply, "You'd enjoy it here." "and we're all good il7mdlaa," I continued. I ended with, "You're cuzin and my friend Aysha are really hitting it off!" 

He suggested we all go to Taco Belle once Aysha and Msharii reached us. In 15 minutes we all jumped into Barak's Porche cayenne turbo and headed to the nearest Taco Belle. We ate and chatted and laughed and had a good time. Mshari and Aysha were so absorbed in each others conversations I don't think they noticed us sitting right next to them. It was so cute really. After eating, the guys insisted they pay the bill, so we let them. 

   Aysha: "Hey I know!" She exclaimed, "This girl I know named Melissa hosts great parties around our neighborhoood," She said, "You guys wanna join?" She asked, "We're going at 9", she continued.

     Of course the boys agreed, and Dropped us home, hung out a bit,then left to change and come back so we would all go together. For once me and Aysha finished at the same time. And might I add, we looked stunning! I was in a blue bustier dress that went up to my thighs, along with Loboutin Black leather pumps. Aysha was in a bright blue Bcbg dreass that had a big bow at the bust area and paired it with her Prada black patent leather heals. I had left my hair the way it always was, and added a bit of eyeliner and mascara to my eyes, as well as red lipstick on my lips. Aysha did the same only without the lipstick. 

     30 minutes after we were ready the boys arrived. Both of them just stood there and stared at us. They were looking Mightyy Fiinnee! Barak was in all white, which made him look like the hottest man alive! I loved white on him.

Aysha's P.O.V:

     When Mshari walked in our front door he would not stop looking at me! I loved it, but it made me blush at the same time. I don't recall EVER blushinng, so this must be the first time. What is going on with me?! This guy's got a strong hold on me alreadyy *sighs*. He came close to me that moment and whispered in my ear.

   Mshari: "You're gorgeous you know that?" I couldn't answer. I just concentrated on my shoes and acted like it didn't matter.

   Mshari: "Ha where's my hug?" He asked with a big smile on his face, which allowed that lovely dimple on his cheek to show. I laughed and hugged him then he kissed my cheek. He kissed my other cheek and was going in for the lips. ALREADY!

   Aysha: "Holdd itt big guyyy!" I exclaimed, "You don't want me doing something you'll regret later," I threatened jokingly.

   Mshari: "I'll take that chance," He said innocently. ".. On second thought maybe later." He just stood there staring into my eyes. What an awkward moment. Barak and Jazzi were in a completely other world, thank god!

just then barak changed the subject.

   Barak: "Yalla lets get going, It's 9:30 now, and I'm so in the mood to partyy" He said excitedly. 

     I watched Mshari as he walked on ahead of me. I never actually noticed how hot he was! He was muscular, just not alot. His biceps were firm. The rest of him was toned, and he had the face of an angel, I swear! He was in a green shirt and jeans. He looked adorably casual, but it showed off the rest of his body greatly!

We jumped into Barak's car and drove off to the party.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Okai, a show of hands from all the ladies who are a victim of this crime. Procrastination: Doesn't it just kill you?! Some might say you're lazy, Other's may think it's just a habit. But you know what I think? Maybe its like a trait passed down by our fellow Kuwaiti ancestors back then, because I don't think I've met a Kuwaiti who doesn't procrastinate. But hey, as long as we get the job done who cares right?;p Sorry I haven't been posting so much ;( I have tons of assignments due by the end of this week and the next and I haven't even started on anything!;o So my goal for these two days is to actually WORK on something, then post another story post. I love all our silent and non silent readers! Especially Starlight and Charmbracelet;] Thanks for all the support you guys!;*

- Crystal Spankbomb.  

Monday, March 23, 2009

[6] A new day, a new beginning.

Jazzi's P.O.V:  (monday)

   For some stupid reason I had trouble sleeping all night. Not because I had something on my mind, but because it was completelyy blank. I woke up that day at 6:30 bored as hell. I remembered it was a uni day, so I decided to pick an outfit to wear. but First, I needed a bath. After an hour long bath, I climbed out of the tub, dried my self and headed to the closet. I decided on a White+ Gold pony Ralph Lauren button down shirt with dark skinny jeans. I thought I'd keep it simple and wear my black ysl gladiator sandals. I let my hair air dry and went down to prepare myself a bowl of cereal, and got Aysha's favorite cereal out too. 

     Later I applied eyeliner and mascara since i like keeping it simple, and lipgloss. When it turned 9:30 I woke Aysha up which was a hastle. But she was up earlier than expected. I ate breakfast as she dressed and watched spongebob in the living room downstairs;p. She came down an hour later in a House of Holland tshirt, leggings, and heels to match the color of the shirt. 

     It was 10:30 now and we were already running late. We jumped into Aysha's Escalade and speeded off to campus. When we arrived, everyone knew we were here. Prom Queen was playing loudly and the bass was jumping. We was pimpin' ;D. With 15 minutes to spare, Aysha ran off saying she had some "business" to take care of;p. I love you Aysha!;* When it was five minutes to our management class, I decided to head to the lecture hall. Our professor was a pretty moody character, and I wanted to sit at the back to avoid contact with him. 

Aysha's P.O.V:

     Shit! How does time fly by so fast, I don't get it. I'm 5 minutes late to Proffesor Andrew's Lecture, so I think it be best to play it safe and get the first open seat at the front. I rushed into the hall and sat by the edge of the room right at the front. This must've been the first time I EVER sit in the front. But its not so bad. Lot'sa cuties up here. And I never really noticed what our proffesor looked like. He was like the human version of a seal! Round head, weird mustache and all that. He was just as round as seals too;p. Poor guy, We make fun of him alot. 

     5 minutes into the lecture I'm bored stiff, and I decide to make conversation with a cutie right next to me. Come to think of it, this is the first time I notice him around here, and believe me I'm usually the first to notice a hottie!;p He was bald, tanned, Big brown eyes. He had sexy lips and a gorgeous smile. I think I might have stared a bit too long because he turned around to stare back.

   Aysha: "Hi." I whispered, "You're new here", I continued.

   Him: "haha u noticed" He said a bit loudly, which made proffesor Andrew shoot us a look. 

   Aysha: "So newby, you gotta name?" I said wisely.

   : "Oh and I suppose you're the welcoming commity?" He smiled sarcastically, allowing his dimples to be seen. His dimples were hott:O

   Aysha: "You can say that, I'll make you feel right at home" I said with a smile, "The names Aysha btw," I said. 

   : "Delighted to meet you 3awasha" He said cutely. Already I have a nickname? ;plol

When Class finished he walked me out and we sat around and talked. It turns out he had just transferred from AUK and is in Fl with his cousin. Weirdly that sounded familiar. I still didn't catch his name. 10 minutes later Jazzi came by and I introduced them.

: "It's nice to meet you Jazzi, ana mshari il Flani." he said pleasantly.

   Jazzi: "Nice to meet you too," jazzi replied with a smile. "she9eerlik Barak il flaani?" she asked curiously.

   Mshari: "weld 5altiii!" he said surprised. "So youuur the Jazzii he talked about," He said slyly. They chitchatted for a bit, and I felt completely lost in between them.

Jazzi then walked away with some excuse, and it gave me time to show him around campus and the way to his classes. When it was fifteen minutes to my statistics class, I showed him the way to Calculus 301 and each of us went our seperate ways. Ofcourse, phone numbers were exchanged;p

--- sorry this is a shorter post than usual;( It's been hectic these past days.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

[5] Show it like it is.

Jazzi's P.O.V:

     I woke up the next morning with the sun in my eyes, and realized I had fallen asleep in the backyard. I look at my watch and its onlyy 6 am. Yaayy, more time for mee to swim ;D I thought. I took my pants off and imediately dived into the pool. After three straight hours of swimming I hear sounds coming from inside, and I decide to check out if Aysha had woken up. Turns out it was just khalood. Alone. Thank god.

   Jazzi: "Heyy khalood, good morning", I say cheerfully.

   Khalid: "Ha Jazooi, You got any breakfast?" he asked.

   Jazzi: "Im making french toast okay?" I replied.

   Khalid: "Allaaaaa sha5baryy last time I ate that I was 10" He said jokingly.

   Jazzi: "5ala9 it'll be ready for the three of us in a half hour." I noted and started making french toast. After, I took a quick shower and joined Khalid at breakfast. I told him about Barak, and how we met and all. I also told him that I ran into him at campus. He immediately responded with a smile.

   Khalid: "EEEEH wild flan hatha he's a good kid, I'm pretty close wit him ma self," He said,"He studies Business just like u two, but he takes it back in Miami." He continued. Khalid was like a brotherly figure to me since I didn't have any brothers myself. I came to him for advice and he did the same. I decided I'd tell Aysha I saw him again as soon as she was copletely awake. I also heard they were at a party the earlier night. I couldn't wait to hear if any thing "action-y" had happened as she put it ;p.  

     Aysha woke up two ours later at 11, Had her breakfast and sat before the T.V. next to me. I thought this was the perfect oppurtunity to tell her. She hates it if I don't tell her every single detail that I've gone through in my life.

   Jazzi: "So I ran into Barak the other day," I said nonchalantly. She didn't process it quite as fast as I thought she would.

   Aysha: "YOU What?! the Mexico boy? now why do I have to be the last one to know ma?" She said trying to overwhelm me with guilt. "Well anyways tell me everything, and don't you dare leave out a detail" she exclaimed, wiggling her eyebrows.

     So I told her everything, and she seemed happy, but she hated the babysitting the cousin part. After that we were bored stiff, so we thought it be a good time to go shopping. We both changed into cute outfits, hopped into my black M3, and drove off to International Mall. This mall has pretty cool shit, like apple bottom, baby fat, Victoria's secret, Abercrombie and fitch, and don't forget the shoe stores (and other stuff Aysha likes)!;p After each one of us had about 10 bags in her hand, we decided to drop them in the car and come back for some late lunch at the cheese cake factory. Later we decided to go to a movie, then head home.

It was 5 in the evening when we left the mall, and almost immediately after leaving the mall Aysha's sidekick buzzed.

*Incoming call*

   Aysha: "Hey Kay what up cuz?" said Aysha, I knew it was Khalid by then.
Khalid: " Ha me and ma boy Ahmed are coming over for a swim okay? We brought burgers for BBQ" he included. 
Aysha: "7ayakum khaliid." And they hung up

     Aysha then informed me that they were coming over and that we'd be lounging in the pool all day. I certainly didn't mind that. I loved swimming more than anything. Also I wanted to try on my new yellow victoria's secret bikini. My complexion and the color yellow went greatly together.


Back home: 

     When we had arrived, Khalid and Ahmed were already in the backyard flipping burgers. Khalid loved it when we did this because it reminded him of back home in K-town. So we parked the car, Changed into our swimsuits and joined the guys near the pool. It was around 6, and the sun had begun to set. The view was magnificent!  

   Aysha: "Don't you just LOVE Florida?" She asked with a smile. I smiled back. I could tell she was thinking what I was thinking from that distant look in her face.

      We jumped into the pool and splashed around 'til the guy joined us. Ahmed the lil' creep wouldn't take his eyes off me! Don't get me wrong, he was hott and all, but his personality was way beyond weird. Something in him just didn't make me feel comfortable, and that's exactly how I felt when he stared at me. We decided to have a chicken fight, and Ahmed insisted I get on his back. I apparently refused, haha ;D. He was still staring when we were playing which made me lose balance and fall into the pool again;(. When it was time for dinner, I offered to go in and get us the drinks. So i pulled my self out of the pool and headed to the kitchen. As I was opening a 6 pack of Redbulls I could feel someone hugging me from the back. I didn't need to guess who it was.

   Jazzi: "Ahmed.. G-get off me." I said, stuttering for some odd reason.

   Ahmed: "You know how much you mean to me. I'd do anything for you, But I'm not letting you go." He said trying to sound caring, but I didn't like it.

   Jazzi: "Ahmed! Get off me. What the hells wrong with you?!" I said harshly. 

   Ahmed: "Why do you hate me this much?" He said. He sounded hurt. "Why don't you give me a chance just like all the other guys?" He asked.

   Jazzi: "Ahmed, I think of you as a brother nothing more." I said bluntly. "Please understand that I feel nothing more for you," I said getting away from him, and taking that as my que to exit. 

I joined Khalid and Aysha and Ahmed followed. We ate in silence and I decided to get an early night's sleep. Or maybe I'll just stay in my room and do stuff.;p

Ahmed's P.O.V: [for the first time;p]

Uff why is she always like that?! She knows I like her can't she like me back. And god she's sooo damn hott in that bikini. Makes me wanna.. uff;/. If only I had a chance to do something BIG with her. I'd be satisfied then. She doesn't have to like me as long as I get what I want. Kaa, she's getting up to her room now. Ima go join Khaluud and his cousin. What an end to a completely uneventful day. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

sorry for the delay;o

Hello everyone, a new post will hopefully be going up either tonight or tomorrow. If you'd like to see anything extra in the story feel free to comment on this post and we'll add it to the story inshalla ;p Peace ;]

-Crystal Spankbomb. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

Whats up ppl :D

Heey ppl I'm Swagger. I thought I would introduce myself to all of you :D I haven't made any posts since myself and Crystal SpankBomb started this blog . All I do is add stuff to the story and read other blogs. Im gona start posting any thoughts if I have any cus sometimes I have nothin to do :D
I hope you like our blog cus we are lovin blogspot and the people on it.
Ama go now and i'll post soon ishalla
take care every one and we love you guys

Thursday, March 12, 2009

[4] Random relationships.

[this was on a friday btw]

: "YOU!", we both said in awe, simultaneously.

Yep, you guess it. It was gray-goose boy from Mexico, the hottie who barged out of a fairy-tale just for me;D. Barak *sigh*.

We chit chatted away about the randomest things. I found out he studied at a neighbouring university, he had a relative here, and he was the most random person I've ever met, excluding me ofcourse. after two straight hours of rambling he asked me if he could get my number. Me being the gentle lady that I was, I declined, but offered my email instead. I saved his email on my phone, as did he. Suddenly, Interrupting the lovely moment came Ahmed.

Ahmed: "Jazzii hunn where were youu?! I've been looking all over for you, I was worried" he said while eyeing barak. He looked like one of those bitches that stare you down. "Tara bnred il bayt b3d shway." He concluded.

Jazzi: "Well I'm actually with a friend right now, I'll be out in a minute" I said, hinting for him to leave. Barak looked amused by all of this.

When Ahmed finally left, I tried explaining but he said he understood. I guess he must have had "stalker girls" in his life hehe. We exchanged goodbyes and I headed home with Khalid and Aysha only. I decided against telling Aysha about the incident. I thought it would be best if I told her when I knew a little more about him. On our drive home I was in a completely different universe. No one noticed though, since that's how I usually am in the car, If I'm not singing along in a horrible tone with the song.

We finally arrived home, and I darted for my room, and changed into my PINK' yellow training suit. I pulled my laptop off the charger, went up to the game room where A and K were sitting, and logged on.

*1 new Friend Request*
From: B****@***.com
[ ] accept friend request.
[ ] block from further actions.

Surely I accepted, like any hormonal teenager;P [only I'm 20;o pathetic much?;p] And our conversation went something like this..

B: Nawar :p
J;*: Mnu?
B: Ya3nii ma3arafteeny?:p ana barouukk
J;*: Ooh hey! ;p shlonik?
B: tamam walla, agoull t3arfeen proffesor isma Andrews? my cuzin ys2al cuz ma ydell.
J;*: Eeh management class ryt? I have him on monday il sa3a ***.
B: Oh nafs msharii ;P zayn mawa9eech 3aleei ;p
J;*: hehe inshalla;p [it's funny how he trusts a complete stranger right?]
B: Btw It was nice talking to you il yom ;$

.. Anyways the rest of the conversation was a bore just like the top stuff, but we enjoyed each other's company. After hours of chatting online I look around for Khalud and Awuush but no one was in the game room. I said goodbye to the people I chatted and signed off to look all over the house. But they weren't there. I gave up, Got a fuit rollup out of the snack basket on the kitchen counter. Put my ipod on full blast, and dozed off on one of the lounge chairs near our pool.

Aysha's P.O.V:

Me and Khalid were bored stiff. Jazzi was pretty much in her own world, and we were just sitting around doing nothing, so we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. He started telling me about every neighbour and what they were like, Later, he promised to introduce me to a few he thought are my "type". Even I don't know what that is. When we came back home, He said he knew of a party just around the corner,that was thrown every friday night and asked if I wanted to go with him. My response was something like this..

Aysha: "Hell Yeah I wanna go!" I said excitedly, "Finally some action" I said raising my eyebrows in that upward downward motion.

Khalid: "Cuzoo, yuu Crayzeee as hell !" Khalid said all ghetto, while laughing his ass off;p. His laughter made me laugh at the same time.

Khalid: "But 3awash change first , I'll wait for you downstairs bl living room," He noted .

I went upstairs to my bedroom, fixed up my hair a bit, and sat before my closet to choose an outfit. I wanted something casual since khalood was in jeans. I decided for my 7 religion skinny jeans and a yellow t-shirt along with my black louis vuitton heals. I looked Pimped' haha;P [a Khalid influence thing]. I went down after shoving my sidekick in my pocket, and we were off to the party.

1 Hour Into the Party:

The party is a BLAST! it's exhilarating dancing with a group of guys (especially when their hott *wink wink*). Marcus is here, and he's been wanting to talk to me all day. I've been avoiding him all day :].

He goes up to Khalid and their talking and laughing, so I don't bother myself with it. I go back to enjoying the hotty sandwich I'm In.

Mean while between Khalid and Marcus:

Marcus: "Yo man I like her a lot. I have no idea how ama make her like me back" He says to Khalid about Aysha.

Khalid: "You know how Aysha be, she likes playing games." He said calmly, "So you gotta play games too, try getting her jelous", he continues and gives Marcus a wink. Khalid then gets up to greet a friend of his and walks away. Marcus decides to try Khalid's idea, so he goes by the host, and starts flirting her up. She likes it of course. Marcus knows that Aysha has been watching him from the edge of her eye. And just like Khalid said, she got jealous , and came running to Marcus's side. Marcus loved it when Aysha was jealous.

Aysha's P.O.V again:

I won't let her steal my man candy. Not yet anyways. Who does she think she is ? I know! I'll act like I need a drink since their at the bar.

Aysha: "Wooh! this party is great girl! I'm scorched, what do you think I should drink Marcus i need somethin bad and strong that would get me loose." I said innocently. He had a huge smile on his face for some reason. dammn he's weird.

Marcus: "I dont think you need a drink to get you loose right now" he got a little closer to me and the chick with him went away cus she felt the chemistry that was going on between us.

Aysha: "Aight then show me what could get me loose if its not a cup of goose" I got close to him then hugged him and looked into his eyes.

Marcus : "U sure yu wana see what could get u looser than you gettin' drunk on goose cus i don't think yo cuzzin would like that" He exclaimed sarcastically.

Aysha: *lol* " No, you could show me that later.What about if we dance now?" I said acting all sweet.

Marcus : "Aight but what do I get to have for dancin' with you ?" He said with a mischevious smile on his face

Aysha : "Anything that I would do infront of every one here" i said playfully.

As soon as i finshed what i was saying he pulled me closer and kissed me. I loved kissin his big lips and i know he loved kissing mine :P

Marcus : " that's what I wanted even though I wanted more than that but its aight i could wait now can we go show'em how to really dance cuz not one chick in this party is as good as ma girl" he said with a wink.

For another 2 hours Marcus and I flirted with each other like crazy and did not stop dancing.At 2 in the morning Aysha took Khalid home, and she made him sleep over cuz he was too "tipsy" to drive.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

[3] Head of my class.

Aysha's P.O.V:

     Next morning I got up very early, at 9. For some reason, I couldn't sleep well ;/, so I decided to make pancakes with dusted sugar, maple syrup and butter for me and Jazzi. Along with fresh orange juice. Our favorite. Jazzi woke up at 11, and we decided to tan and swim around after we had our breakfast. Jazzi made us her famous punch mix and just like that, gossip hour began.

     So we're just talking about random things at first, but then Jazzi pops the question.

   Jazzi: "So.. What happened last night?" She says casually, taking a sip of her drink. Ughh I dreaded that question. Sure stuff happened like always, but this time it felt awkward. Its like there was more commitment in his kissing. We didn't go past kissing that day.

   Aysha: "Wellll..." I started, "We only kissed, But it was weird!" she exclaimed. "It's like he had feelings for me or something" I said annoyedly. I mean wtf man?! Don't get me wrong he was DELICIOUS! but that's all that came to mind when I thought of him. nothing more. Besides, I'm not a relationship kinda gal.

Jazzi's P.O.V: 

     We sat there tanning in silence for the next few hours. Poor Marcus;( He was head over heals into Aysha, and she was COMPLETELY oblivious about it. She only thought of him as eye candy, he was really hott and that's how she rolled. She didn't like it if her emotions got in the way. She thought it "weakened" her in people's eyes. Like people's opinions ever mattered to her.

Then Aysha's Cell Rings 

*Incoming Call* 

   Aysha: "Hey khalouud! What's up?" She asked.

   Khalid: "Me w a7medo are coming over to pick you two up and go to campus 3ashan klna nthabe6 our schedules, shkthr yabeelkum?" he said.

   A: "Hmm, Il7een 3, Give us and hour w we'll be ready" She said with a smile on her face.

   K: "Yalla 3ayal nchuufkum."

*Call ended*

   Jazzi: "What was all that aboutt Ayouushh?" I asked, lost as always.

   Aysha: "Let's get dressed love we're visiting campus with K and Ahmed" She noted.

To be honest I missed it. Mexico was lovely, but campus felt like a part of home.

I took off to my room and showered. I left my hair to dry and decided on a pair of black skinny's, a white tanktop and shiny red flats. It always took me the longest to get ready.;P

Aysha's P.O.V:

So i got up for a shower. My hair was naturally smoother than Jazzi's, So i blow dried it and looked for an outfit to wear. I decided on PINK's grey training pants and a cute pink tank. I wore sneakers to match my outfit. And I was out the door 20 minutes after Khalid called.

Jazzi's P.O.V.:

     When I exited my room, I found everyone munching on popcorn waiting for me, like always:]. We got into Khalid's Audi and headed to campus. Oh I've missed it so much! The drive there was pretty much a blur.

     At campus, we were greeted by so many of our friends, and some new faces we've seen on our trip to Mexico. Khalid and Aysha immediately conversed with their fellow colleagues, and me and Ahmed were just sitting there for a while, then thankfully, Khalid and Aysha interrupted the silence..

   :"Jazzooy, you want us to fix your schedule too?" They both offered. I agreed because I didn't feel like going into the building. It was too beautiful a day. Eventually Ahmed left too, So I decided to go to the coffee shop here on campus.

     As I was entering the coffeeshop door, me being the clutz I was, I tripped on that tiny .5 of a centimeter stair thing and fell on a man, sending his steaming cup of coffee flying up the air! It fell right next to me though, so I got no coffee on my clothes thankfully. Although I felt sorry for the poor man. As I was looking up to apologize, You'll never guess who it was that I "bumped into"...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

[2] Cuz we screw guys like whores on tequila.

I went into the living room and noticed they were already engaged in their stories. Marcus was telling Aysha what he had done over the break and it seems Aysha had already said what she had done.

Jazzi: "I brought refreshments!" I exclaimed. I got Red bulls for all of us.

Marcus: "So jazzi, did anything interesting happen to you in Mejico?;p" he said while doing the devilish eyebrow thing

Jazzi: " Welll... " i said while giving them my innocent smile.

Aysha: " Dammn ;o and you didn't tell me ? " she exclaimed. " Well, what you waiting for ya mara spill!" Marcus laughed at her use of arabic.

So I started telling them what had happened that night at the club on the beach. I could remember it as if it were yesterday...

It was 11 pm and we were all enjoying ourselves (me, Aysha and a couple other friends of ours). Aysha ofcourse was surrounded by a swarm of boys the whole night. She was pretty outgoing around 'em, she Couldn't hold her flirting mood back either!;p (it came naturally). After dancing for a few hours, I was pretty worked up so I decided to go get me a Redbull from the bar (remember i don't drink;] Aysha only does ).

J: " one red bull, please ", I asked the bartender with a smile.

Bartender: " Sure thing seniora! " he exclaimed with a wink.

At that moment i was all ready to go back to our table, but my clumsiness made me go back cuz i forgot my Iphone. Then I saw him. That gorgeous thing about to order a drink. He smiled and I couldn't help but smile back. He was gorgeous! At least to me;] He was tan, messy haired and hazel eyes, and pretty tall!

Boy: "One grey goose vodka with ice, please" He said coolly.

and then out of no where I said..

Jazzi: "You know that stuff's not good for you," in an annoyed tone.

he just laughed.

Boy: "I'm barak, and I'm delited to meet you. May I have the honor of knowing your name?:p" He was either tipsy, or joking around. But what he said made me laugh.

Jazzi: "Not with that drink you're not," I said acting tikana. I more than ever wanted to give him my name, NO my digits! But the fact he drank annoyed the hell outa me. After that he walked away.

Darn, Shoulda told him when I could ;( I thought. Barak went over to where the land met the sea, looked at the drink in his hand, and threw it as far as his strength could. He turned around and gave me a wink, then rushed back to me

Barak: "Can I know your name now?" he said mockingly. It seemed he was holding back a laugh. I tried not to smile.

Jazzi: "It's Jazzi. Nice knowing me." I said with one of those annoying fake smiles. It seems I wasn't interested, but i SURE AS HELL was :]

I turned my attention to the blinking lights on the dance floor and got up to dance. In no later than 5 seconds, I was dancing and he was dancing with me! God I felt so hot being so close to him, but I acted like i didn't care. I just swayed to the music. We danced for what seemed like hours!

: "You're a great dancer btw. Fr9a sa3eeda, hope I see you around," He whispered into my ear. It was Barak. God i loved his voice. When I turned around he was loong gone.


Jazzi: ".... And that was the last time I saw him", I continued with my story.

Aysha: "AWWWW! why didn't you get his number, dumm ass ?!" she said jokingly. Aysha was always this practical.

After sharing my story, plus other tan moments, we started watching a random movie on T.V. I got really tired after a while and decided to leave Aysha and Marcus alone.

Jazzi: "You guys I'm going to bed, nights." I said smiling to Marcus, he gave me a thanking smile. I knew he had a crush on her since the day he met her.

: "Goodniight" They said in unison. I'm sure there would be lots to talk about in the morning.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

new song;o

Right round - flo rida ft. Keisha madre katy perry 3AJEEEBA ;].


I'm hooked now;p

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

[1] Home sweet home.

     After 10 long hours on the plane back from Tijuana, Aysha and Jazii finally reached home, in Florida. They had enjoyed their spring break in Mexico, But it was time for real shit now. With only a few months of their senior year left, They had alot of work to do in order to earn their diplomas and make their families happy. Jazzi and Aysha were the best of friends, but they were COMPLETE opposites.

      They had different taste in fashion, boys, food, make up, everythng! The only things they actually had similar thoughts about were food, perfume (they both loved wearing men's cologne) and music. Jazzi was tall, tanned, with big light-brown eyes, and crazy hair that really wasn't a type [ ya3nii neither curly,straight,or wavy; It was all of the above!;p], she had a nice figure too. Aysha was slightly whiter, but just as tall. she had a nice figure too, only she had hazel eyes. her hair was calmer than Jazzi's, it was wavy-straight.Aysha and Jazzi were only children in their families, and they were more like sisters than best friends.Their parents really trusted them too. 


When they finally gathered their suitcases, they headed out to find Aysha's cousin Khalid and his friend, Ahmed. He always had a thing for Jazzi, though in a creepy way. 
   Khalid: "Hala b a7la cuzin w rfeejat'ha! 7amdelaa 3al salama nawrtaw Fl my homies." He said while giving Aysha a hug. Yea, Khalid thought he was a "G".

   Ahmed : *intently staring at Jazzi* " Hehe 7amdila 3ala il salama jazzi, how was your trip?" [lol she always called him stalker boy, behing his back of course;]

   Jazzi: " El 7mdla it was good alla ysalmek." she answered. She liked keeping conversations short between them. Truthfully, he creeped her out at most times.

     They headed out to Khalid's car so they could get home. Sure, they had fun in Tijuana, but they really missed their home of 4 years almost. When they arrived at 12th bayshore, Tampa, They were exhilirated. Their house was cute. It was 2 floored, Jazzi's room was downstairs and Aysha's was upstairs. They have a game room up stairs and a living room downstairs. they also had a backyard and a pool [perfect for barbeques;p]. Also, their house was special because it was the only house in the neighborhood with a two car garage. 

     After getting inside and unpacking, each of the girls took their baths and changed into comfy pj pants and tanktops [ it was pretty hott outside ] while Khaled and Ahmed hung around trying to get something to eat. Jazzi finished first, so she headed to the living room where the boys were watching T.V. 

   Khalid: " Tara you're out of food." he said with a grin. " 5ala9na your last nachos packet." Jazzi couldn't help but laugh at his innocent reaction.

Jazzi: " 3aleikum bl 3afya, we'll go shopping in a bit." I said with excitement

Aysha: "Yooo3aanaa! what's for dinner?:P" she whined. I explained that we had no food, so we all ordered out instead. Mcdonald's ofcourse! Jazzi w Aysha liked eating fancy food, but they could never turn down a mc chicken at Mc D's. Neither could the boys. The boys went and got the meals and came back, and they all ate together. 


 - Jazzi's P.O.V:
     After Khalid and Ahmed left, we got into Aysha's black escalade ESV and took off to Walmart. Aysha's car was like a guy's. It had 24 inch rims, tinted windows and the works! When we arrived, we literally filled our trolly up with anything we desired. We had cookies, chocolate, drinks, salties, ready made food, chips, candy, water, and pretty much anythng that looked good. After we got every thing, we went over to the cigarette section and got us each a pack of what we liked to smoke [yes we smoke:], Aysha drinks too;/ i hate it ,but she does;(]. Right after that we bumped into an old friend of Aysha's, Marcus. They've been friends for as long as I can remember! they were "friends with benefit" as Aysha liked to call it.(she's not much of the commiting type, likes to play around) But there definetly was a more than friends vibe between them

   Marcus: " Aysha babe is that you?! Ahh i missed you!!" And he pulls he into a bear hug. He was dark, puerto rican, wide backed, hazel eyes, and a little afro that Aysha loves playing with. He wasn't bad looking if I say so my self. He had gorgeous lips too;)

   Aysha: "haha missed you too marcus! woaah calm down now" she says. She was glad to see him. "Why don't you come over? We're not doing anythng Right Jazz?" she asked him

   Jazzi: " Yea sure it would be cool," I said. "Besides we have so much to tell you about spring break!"

   And from that moment til we got home he did not take his hands off her. I think he really likes her.. dont you ?;p


     After arriving home, we put the things away and I joined them in the livingroom.

Monday, March 2, 2009

New story! ;]

Ahlan wasahlan ;p So we're going to be starting a story really soon inshalla. The story is completely fake :] and all names of people intended to be in the story will be changed. Hope you enjoy ;) a post will be place either tomorrow or the day after. Peace ;]