Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Did you hear about this?;o

you guys I've discovered a new blog which I truly love :] It's not like all the other college romances, this one has a pretty interesting twist. I think you'll all enjoy it just like I have;* Plus the writer of the blog has grown to become a very dear friend of mine. If you'd like to read click here;*. Loving you mucho;*
There's no reason as to why I added this image either:] I'm just enjoying the view, how bout you? <3

-Crystal Spankbomb.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Should gray-goose get a makeover?

Well, I was thinking, since it's the summer maybe I should spicen Goose up. What do you think? Comments much appreciated (: Also my new fave song - Break even by the script is to die for! Give it a listen will you? Also, the picture add was just an arbitrary thing. Don't you think it's pretty tho? Love you mucho;*

- Crystal Spankbomb.

[13] Breakin' dishes up in here, all night.

Aysha's P.O.V:

When he arrived I was in the laundry room. I left everything, opened the front door and walked out to the porch. I sat on a lounge chair and waited for him to start talking. He didn't. He had such a serious face on. That didn't help with telling me what he was thinking. I didn't know what to say so I just walked out to the backyard, and sat on the table. He followed. Now he was just standing there, both lost in our own thoughts - while staring at each other. I decided to say something but all that came out was:

Aysha: "Now what?!"

Marcus: "Now we talk.."

Aysha: "Okai then talk."

Marcus: "I really like you Aysha, why can't you see that? I'm sure everyone else can!"

Getting on my nerves much? What does he meann he likes me, he CAN'T like me. I won't allow it. Even if I might have "some feelings" for him.

Aysha: "I dont care what others see, I only care about what I can see. You can't just drop a bomb like that on me. I'm not ready for it" I said bluntly.

Marcus: "Well it's not liek its something new, you know. I've like you for quite a while, your just too weird" he said then stammered out a "Wait i don't mean that.." he said but before he could complete his sentence I said..

Aysha: "What? OH so now I'm weird because I don't like you? You know what buddy the only weird one here is you" I said with an obnoxious smile on my face, "what kinda person plays aroound with a girls feelings? certainly not the "un weird" kind." I continued. That got him angry. We kept on ranting and raving for quite a while. It's like this spat won't ever end. This isn't the first time we had a "discussion", believe you me. It's just the first time he was that emotional during a fight. He didn't cry or anything tho;o Don't think that. He just seemed to mean every word he said. Then he mentioned the truce thing between him and Msharii.

Marcus : "Aysha Im serious none of the shit I said was true!"

Aysha: "How bout I call Msharii and ask him that huh?! I screamed. I was tired of this. I was angry and tearing up. I rushed into the laundry room, knocking down a vase on my way there. I looked for my sidekick, and found it. Although before I could turn around and call Msharii, a force pushed me into the wall and started immensely making out with me. Yup, you guessed it. It was Marcus. I swear to god that was THE MOST passionate kiss I've had in my life! he then picked me up and put me on the washing machine, and started kissing my neck, with passion. He was so into the kiss, I've never seen him like that before. It scared me that this guy might actually have feelings. When he came back to my lips, before kissing me even, he said those three little words that just ruined it all..

Marcus: "Aysha, I think I love you." And before we could make out again, I stopped him with my hand placed on my lips.

Aysha: "Hold on. What?! That can't be." I said not knowing what the hell I was thinking, and rushed out of the laundry room.

Marcus: "Huh? What do you mean "It can't be" ?" he asked while doing the quoty hand gesture. After a long pause I said.

Aysha: "I don't know.. You have to leave." I said, way too calmly. He looked at me in disbelief, then just like that walked out of the door, and Out of my life.. At least thats what I thought.

-Sorry for the short post you guys I have exams ;(
-Crystal Spankbomb.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

[12] Chasing pavements?

Aysha's P.O.V:

Well the party is finally over. It's about 3 am now. After cleaning up, Jazii went to bed, and i stayed out back wondering what Msharii and Marcus were up to. It's probably just a game their playing to mess with my head. Besides, it's not like I'm missing out on anything right? Well, I better hit the hay. Tomorow should be a long day.

Next day:

I wake up and get breakfast started. Jaz wakes up a half hour after me. We start talking about last night and all the weird things that happened. She agreed with me about Msharii and Marcus and how they were just messing with my head. She thought it would be cool if I prank called them and messed with their heads a bit, haha. And so we did. I decided to call up Msharii first, since he was easier to crack. & the conversation went a little like this...

Msharii: "Aloo? A-Aysha?" he says hesitantly, "Shlonich babe?" he continues with a little more confidence.

Aysha: " Im good BABE," I say stressing on the babe, Jazii is signaling for me to throw a tantrum. "Oh so now im ur babe huh ?!" I say. Jazii is on the verge of cracking up. I feel a laugh coming too but hold it in.

"What about yesterday and the whole "i dont like u" shit you and Marcus gave me huh? Are you trying to mess with my head?" I say, acting furious.

Msharii is nervous to talk at first but then says. "You know what? No we weren't messing with you, but I can't help it if I wanna call you babe right?" Hnee gaam erage3. Ashkara he's nervous and has no idea what to say haha;p.

Aysha: "Well "Babe", I think I have deep feelings for you and that I like you alot. But since you don't like me anymore you cant just forget about it." I said blankly. Jazii is now on the floor laughing her ass off.

Msharii: "B-but-" And before he could finish his sentance i hang up, and fall into fits of laughter on the couch next to Jazii.

Aysha: "Okii now its Marcus's turn-" I say but Jazii cuts me off.

Jazii: "Not this time kido, I've got plans," She says and gives me that pouty angel face, "We'll do it as soon as I get back I promise." She continues, and skips to her room, while humming, to get ready. She must be going out with Barak. Haha, their so cute together;p I'm glad she found her a good guy.

An hour later:

There's nothing good to watch on tv! I think im gonna insert my Spongebob dvd in there and watch it for a while, then get on with the laundry. After half an hour of watching Spongebob my love <3, My phone rings.

Incoming call:
Marcus the idiot;*

Yayy, I get to play fake upset earlier than expected ;D. I pick up and this is how the conversation goes..

Aysha: "Uh hell-" Im cut off;/. I hate this.

Marcus: "Please dont talk let me explain. I've been saying this millions of times through my head and I just HAD to tell you." He said all too quickly for it to get processed in my head.

Aysha: "Uhm.. Ok?" I say, sort of confused.

Marcus: "Okay you know how me and Msharii said we didn't like you? Well I lied. I do like you and the fact that I told u I didn't just killed me inside!" He exclaimed. I didn't answer, I just listened. "And I don't know about Msharii, but I'm sure that I like you and your a great girl you deserve someone good in your life for a change. Forget the asswholes you dated before, I can PROVE to you I can be the wun." He continued. I still remained silent.

"I mean come on Aysha, you know theres sum chemistry between us.." He said quietly. "I've liekd you for a while, and you can't NOT have feelings for me, I know that much." he continued. I was getting frustrated.

Aysha: "Okay say we got together now, and in two months I went back to Kuwait. Then what? I know my parents wouldn't approve of you, and you'd never wanna go back to Kuwait either." I say just as quietly. "Besides are you sure we'd be able to stay together for a long time? Because I'm done with playing around. I want something serious in my life. I'm not just a game you can play around with for a couple of months then throw away and forget." I said sounding frustrated.

Marcus: "Who said anything about throwing you away? You know I'm not like that Aysha!" He exclaimed. I could sense anger in his tone. "You know what?! FUCK THIS SHIT. I'm coming over." and he hung up.

- sorry for the spelling errors I typed it as quickly as I could so you guys could have the pleasure of reading it:]

You know you hate me ;P

SORRYY ;o I know i've been away for such a long time, But I've had alot to straiten out these past weeks. Also, we had troubles with the way the story was going, and finally came to a conclusion. And hopefully, You will be receiving the next post to this story right after this post. I love you all and I'm Hella Sorry ;o

- Crystal Spankbomb.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

No Dream Is Too Big

Whats good every one how y'all been ? :D
I've been busy so sorry cus i don't have the time to post any thing.

One of the things I’d always looked forward to was the day hip-hop films matured, when they would outgrow the shit like How High, I Got Da Hook-Up and movies like Get rich or die tryin or Soul Plain. Don’t get me wrong. I have enjoyed the hip-hop movies that they did . But there comes a point where one must get better. Finally the point had come and there is a movie that can be the one to open Hollywood and the world, to make them see that hip-hop culture has stories that should be told on the big screen, stories that tell the world that not every Hip-hop artist is careless and has 4 baby mama's and smokes weed all day and talks about money, cars, and clothes all the time. Well for all the ppl that thought that the art of hip-hop is like that then ur wrong and they need to go watch "Notorious". It’s the life story of the dead Hip Hop King Biggie aka Notorious Big. The movie is really nice and "Real" . I liked it a lot and I was so into it to the point that I cried in the end cus it was a sad how we lost someone so great. Maybe if u wasn’t in to this kind of movies or into Biggie then maybe u wouldn’t like it as much as I did but u will not hate it . I've been a fan of Big since I was about 4 yrs old. I swear I remember dancing to his songs when my uncle would play them, until now am a big fan of him. Real hip hop is not when they talk about the dummest shit sometimes like the shit some dum ass rappers talk about (50 cent, Soulja boi and many more ) they killed hip hop but thank god we still got some ppl that are holding Hip-hop high like Jay-z, Nas, Lil Wayne Snoop and Game nd many more. But it is soo sad that hip hop lost the BEST like 2Pac, Biggie , Eazy-e and many more for some dumm reasons.

Rest In Peace to all the dead loved Hip-hop Rappers