Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Question;o

You guys know the song Arab Money Right? I know ulla sha5barii and all, but is it "7aram"?Because so far people told me ee oo others told me no :S so i wanna know because I love it oh so very much. Please and thanks:]

- Crystal Spankbomb.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

[11] Something pretty?

     I opened the door, and just stood there staring blankly at the two men in front of me. How unexpected was that? Of course I remained silent, not saying a word to any of the two. I closed the door after they walked in and led them silently to the backyard. Some one pinch me! This must be a dream ;/. 

   Barak: "Halaaaa Bdaiir, shlonikk? Zaynnn yaytooowww, 3abalii bss rabe3 jazoiii beyoonn," He exclaimed. Bader turned around and stared at me with "nafseeyah". I ignored

   Jazzi: "Haha welii all around us mn mutaa 9arow my friends?" I said jokingly, since the place was mostly packed with him and Msharii's friends.

Oki, I'm thinking I should tell you who bader and the other guy are, right? Bader is my ex. We met the beginning of my second year of Uni. We were together for 14 months. It was a good 14 months really, I thought we'd be together for way longer than that. Guess I was wrong. After a year of us being together, he had transferred to Miami, while his friend (the guy that was with him), 9ale7, stayed here in Tampa. He was a pretty close friend of mine. I knew him even before I knew Bader! But for some reason, Bader didn't trust me around 9ale7, and after two months of him being away, and 9ale7 constantly by my side, we broke up. Bader claimed he thought 9ale7 had feelings for me, and didn't want to lose their friendship over a girl. Yes he said that;/. He said i was JUST A GIRL. Stupid, sweet, naive me actually thought he loved me. 

     Of course that wasn't the real issue, he was actually dating another girl at the same time. A girl he knew from back in high school. When i found out about the girl, I lost all innocent hope of me and him getting back together. And that was the end of me knowing both him and 9ale7. What a lovely surprise that their both in my backyard right now, right? 

*** Back to the story ***

Bader, 9ale7 and Barak were all chatting away about events going on in Kuwait, the stock market and what not. I had my back given to Bader, but I could still feel his gaze on me. I decided I'd pretend like I didn't know him for the rest of the evening. At least that would spare me a day, right?

Aysha's P.O.V:

   Msharii is soo adorable! He is such a hotty I swear;o. And you wanna hear the weird thing about it? Both him AND Marcus are here today, and I'm not having any problems from both! yet.. Any ways back to more important stuff. 

   I grab a burger from the bbq plate, and walk around to find Jazzi. I haven't seen her all day. I've been busy lately [tee-he;p]. What a shock it was when i found her with a triangle of guys. WHAT A LOVELY MIX. Her ex, her current hotty, and and ex friend of hers, all talking. Together? At the same time? At the same place? Something must be wrong. I'm gonna go pull her out of that circle of doom and have a chat with her. 

   Aysha: "Jaziii there you are! I need to borrow you're shorts..", I yell and before I complete my sentance, I yank her away and drag her to her room, close the door and just stand there staring at her for about 5 minutes, trying to understand what the situation is. Suddenly, she starts laughing. Is she high?!

   Jazzi: "HAHAHA Omg, I can't believe it. Is this fate or what? Please tell me this isn't reall, cause something like that isn't supposed to happen right? They can't.." She kept on ranting and ranting on about the possibilities of all this being a dream. I blocked out her voice because I knew she wouldn't stop. She always does this when she's worried or nervous. I interrupt her..

   Aysha: "Jazzi! Stop!" I scream, "Dude you can't be high, that's my thing aiight" Yes i did the ghetto thing. "First explain what happened, so we're both on the same page here." I said trying to act calm. As a result she calmed down and told me how she opened the door and just FOUND them standing there. She must've seemed pretty shocked. I hope Barak didn't notice. We decided to stick to Jazzi's plan and pretend like she didn't remember them, and hopefully no one would suspect a thing.

   I hope Marcus doesn't mention we know them either. I should go talk to him...

Jazzi's P.O.V: 

   I returned to Barak and "company" with a big fake cheesy grin on my face. The look on Barak's face though told me he had sensed something was wrong. Bader and 9ale7 didn't even adress me infront of him. It's like I was invisible to them. Although Bader was burning holes in my face with his incredibly hateful stares.

   Barak: "eeh ma3arraftkum 3ala the hotty next to me, excuse me I meant My hotty," He said while he looked at me and smiled, placing his arm on my waist, "Hathee Jazzi" he informed. Bader shot his hand out, along with a long enduring stare.

   Bader: "Tsharafna Jazzi, ana Bader", he said shooting me a hidden evil smile. I don't know why though. It's not like I was the insecure freak in the relationship.

   Jazzi: "il sharaf lee," I said giving him one of my looks. I shook his hand and 9ale7's. 9ale7 on the other hand, was nice to me, and his greeting was heartfelt. 

After our introduction, they went back to talking about the topic they've been talking about all night, and I decided to take it as my que to leave quietly. As soon as I turned my head I found Ahmed in my face, staring intently. He's worse than and annoying little fly I swear! I decided to walk over to Khaled to get me something to eat. I'm starved:o. Unfortunately Ahmed continued to follow me around, until I joined a group of girls he didn't recognize, and walked away into the house. after eating, everyone was dancing around or chilling by, or inside the pool. Barak decided we jump in, so I did as he did. Bader and 9ale7 were talking and staring at me and Barak.

   Barak: "Tara I told them you were my Girlfriend, Hope you don't mind", He said with a cheesy grin, "Bs 8athooni killa their staring at you! You're mine fahma?!" He exclaimed. I wonder what that meant. Well what ever it was it made me blush, which made him kiss me, right in front of BADER!;o How awkward can this night get!?


   Marcus and Msharii bump roads (ya3nee yt9adfuun;p) and they just stand there giving each other death stares.

Msharii: "Aysha thinks im hott."
Marcus: "Well I've known her way longer than you have." 
Msharii: "Doesn't matter, she likes ME more."
Marcus: ".."
Msharii: "Tell me, did she even say Hi to you?" He was amuzed by this.
Marcus: "I was the one who didn't say hi to her." The sound like 5 yr olds don't they? Fighting on a shiny new toy they had to share. And then, all of a sudden...
Marcus: "Why are we fighting over her? Aren't we civilized enough to settle this like adults" It's like he hit epiphany [sub7ana alla]
Msharii: "[looking around] you're right. She's busy with all the other guys. She's never satisfied with one person." Their actually agreeing on something?
Marcus: "How bout we call truce. We both won't be "into" her anymore." In his head: Haha no more competition (what a devil;p)
Mshari: "Sure![happy there's no competition as well] let's shake on it. 
(and so they did)

   They went looking for Aysha because they needed to talk to her. 

Aysha's P.O.V:

It's late, and dark, but I can't make out the time. I'm dancing with a bunch of hotties, when suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and would you guess who it is? It was Marcus. And Mshari. Toghether! sh3ndhum? And they're both smiling.

: "We have something to tell you," they said in unison. "We don't like you anymore, and we're going to act mature about it, and you could be friends with whoever you want," Continued Msharii. They both gave me huge grins and walked off in the same direction. I guess that means their friends now. What an odd couple [literally]. How confusing. Oh well, it's not like I lost anything. Now back to dancing with the hotties.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

[10] Got me singin' that La La La.

Jazzi's P.O.V: 

     I woke up to find no one around me. I looked at the clock on the wall, which indicated it was 2 p.m. I rubbed my eyes and went into my room to wash up and change into something comfy. While going to my room, I looked out and the weather seemed amazing, so i thought Hey, why not go for a swim?. I rushed into my room, washed my face up and stood before my swimsuit drawer to choose one. I think I'll go with the fluorescent pink one today. I wear my swim undies but cant seem to get it closed from the back, so I walk out to see if anyone's there to help.

   Jazzi: "Ayshaaa! Baraaaak! Mshaariii! Where is everyone?!" I yelled. Barouk comes rushing down from upstairs.

   Barak: "Oh hey your up," He smiles warmly. "What's with you bikini top?" He asks amused.

  Jazzi: "I can't get it closed, will you help?" I ask innocently. 

   Barak: "Would you like me to rub some lotion on you too?" he says, "Cuz I'll totally do it" He adds sarcastically with a grin. I'm sure you would  I think.

So he got it closed up and asked if he could join me in my swim. I said yes ofcourse. But first, I asked where Msharii and Aysha were. 

   Barak: "They went to get icecream, Oh and a few of your and my friends are coming over for a barbeque" He says. "We all decided this while you were asleep" He said smiling. 

I run to the pool and scream "Last one in's a rotten pineapple" Madre laish ;/. 
He got his shorts on and we jumped in the pool and fooled around. We were splashing each other, playing random games in the pool, and asking each other random things. It was all too innocent. Suddenly he starts getting closer, then even closer, till he's only 5 cms away from my face.

   Barak: "If I did something right now, would you let me?" he asks quietly. My heart was beating so fast!;o I couldn't even concentrate. Him gazing into my eyes left me breathless as well. 

   Jazzi: "What kinda thing?" I ask, trying to keep my self from fainting. Even in the pool he smelled good! He smelled like cigarettes and a strong cologne, Angel Schlesser. 

Then suddenly out of nowhere, while I'm deep in thought. A huge wave of water splashes on my face and I'm being drowned. I laugh at my self for thinking he was going to kiss me! He pulls me up 5 seconds later.

   Barak: "Haha, that was fun" He says, with a huge grin plastered on his face.

   Jazzi: "I was completely not expecting that," I answer truthfully.

   Barak: "Then what did you think I was going to do?" He asks seriously. Obviously he's ammused by this. I stay silent. He gets even closer. I try backing away, but my stupid brain won't act on the commands I give it!;/ GAAH Blast you, Brain;(.

   Now that barak is only one centimeter away from my lips, I can't do anything about it. I don't move. I don't speak. I don't even breathe. He looks down at my lips then back up into my eyes. I look down at his lips, giving him complete permission for what he's about to do. It's so different kissing a guy in broad daylight, where anyone could be watching. Even if this is Florida, I'm still self consious about it. We're so in the moment. Barouk gets closer and is about to kiss me when all of a sudden...

: "I7m" says a manly voice. I turn around and would you guess who it is that appears like that, just out of the blue?! Yup, it was him. Stalkerboy:] Here to ruin yet another great moment. Can't he just jump off a cliff or marry a hippo or something? 

   Barak: "I7m yourself," He replies, "5ayr na3am, did you want anything?!" He says, annoyed by Ahmed's interruption. 

   Ahmed: "Huh? Ahh.." He answers staggering, "La I just wanted to inform you that I've arrived with snacks, and Khaled's on his way with the real food." He says.

   Barak: "Well you know the way to the fridge," Barak says coldly, "Don't have what we're doing stop you from putting the refreshments in there." He continues.

Ahmed walks away, clearly he is surprised by the way Barak replied. 

  Barak: "So, Where were we?" He says with a huge smile on his face. "Oh yeah, Ryt here.." And out of no where he kisses me. I was pretty shocked he'd do it infront of Ahmed. What was he thinking?! God i felt dizzy for 5 whole minutes after that kiss;o. Ahmed kept staring at me for a while. 

   Mshari and Aysha: "Wee're baack, and we brought drinks and ice cream enough for an army", They sang.  

   Mshari: "Oh yea, a bunch of me and Barak's friends are coming for the party too," He added, while rushing behind Aysha into the kitchen. Party? I thought this was some close get together barbeque. Oh well, the more the marrier right? Glad I'm wearing something bright today I thought. 

   Half an hour later Khalid arrived with the food. He had hott dogs, burgers, chicken, ribs, everything you could possibly eat at a barbeque. He kept him self busy with grilling the food. This party seemed to get bigger and bigger every second. A while after that Marcus showed up, and saw Aysha sitting on the couch with Msharii. Ofcourse he didn't say hi to her, he just headed to where Khalid was at to help with the BBQ. A while later a couple guys and girls Msharii and Barak knew showed up. Later, Khaled's friends came, and they hung out around the barbeque on the chairs. Me and Barak were still in the pool joined by a couple of his friends I didn't know, Rashed and Salem. Ahmed saw Salem [turns out he knows him;] and jumped in right next to me.

   Ahmed: "Halaaa salooom! Shlonik mn mzaan 3aniik" Ahmed said. They exchange formalities and he joined us. Yay me. He kept staring at me like an insane person, and Barak gave him the same insane stares. When the doorbell rang he offered to go get it. Thank god he's finally gone;/ 

     You'll never guess what he did though! He passed by me to get out the pool from the stairs, and actually pinched my arse;o The nerve on some people! I was pretty freaked out when he did that. It's not enough he had that stalker look to him, he had to go do something nasty too! When I turned around to give him a disgusted look, he turned around and gave me a look that was supposed to be sexy? Well, the "look" made goose bumps appear and made a chill run down my spine. What a weird fella, I guess he'll never get that I'm not into him.

     When it was 6 pm, and alot of people were already here (music booming, drinks keep coming, you know how it is;p), Lunch was finally served. While everyone helped themselves to food and more drinks, I entered my room to get some shorts on me. It was getting cool now. On my way to the backyard, the doorbell rang. The shock I had when I answered that door. That was one person I SURE AS HELL didn't expect to appear here. 

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ellow ellow xD.

Every body;o I'm so sorry we haven't posted in a bazzilion years, It's just been hectic lately. I fell sick by the beginning of the week, then had to leave to Dubai on tuesday. and I just came back last night ! ;D Hopefully I'll write a ton of story posts this week;* W asfeen 3ala lig9uur;p I love you loyal readers! 

   Oh yeah, Jimi Hendrix? Gotta love him! Purple haze, Voodoo Child and Hey Joe are my ultimate faves:] [hey joe]

copy paste this and listen to the legend play. Love you mucho;*

-Crystal Spankbomb.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

[9] When the going gets rough.

     By 2 am, Everyone was still dancing and enjoying themselves. Only everyone was getting drunker as well. Barak only had one more glass, since I was around him and he didn't want to offend me. I wonder how Aysha's doing...

Aysha's P.O.V:

    Oh.My.God. This party is dope! I'm coming here every week! And I made friends with the host, Melissa. She's pretty cool. Turns out she's had a thing for Marcus for a while now. He keeps telling her he's into someone else though (haha I feel so cool:]). So it's about 2:30 am when things start getting rough. I knew it was a mistake bringing Msharii to the party;/..

     Marcus, very drunk right now, bumps into Msharii and goes up to him (without using his brain of course).

   Marcus: "Hey, who are you?" asked Marcus.

   Msharii: "Msharii, and you are?!" He asked, confused.

   Marcus: "none of you're business. You know Aysha right?" He continued without pause. "Well back off, cause she's mine you fuck." He said wanting to walk away.

   Msharii: "Well too bad man, she's with me now" He says with half a laugh, and walks away. 

Marcus looks at him for a while in pure hatred. Out of nowhere, he pushes Msharii, slamming him to the ground [that's gotta hurt]. As soon as people saw that happening, They pulled Marcus and Msharii away from each other in order to avoid starting a fight. They called me and told me what happened. I was in shock! I can't believe that idiot Marcus. He should know by now that I'm no one's girl. Not now, not ever. I go up to Msharii, he's tipsy but no injuries. 

   Msharii: "What was that all about? You being "his Girl"." He said mimicking Marcus. His voice sounded drunk.

   Aysha: "He's just a dumb fuck don't listen to him." I replied.

   Msharii: "Well that 'dumb fuck' sounded serious," He said with attitude.

   Aysha: "Let me take you to our home, and I'll explain everything there. I don't wanna start anymore fights." I said sympathetically. 

     I headed to Jazii and told her I'd be taking Msharii over to ours and for her to get a ride from anyone later with Barak. I went and got Msharii from over at the bar, and drove us home. The drive there was silent. Thank god Melissa's was only 10 minutes away from our home! I couldn't bare the silence. Not even the music was on. All through the drive, Msharii was lookin' outside the window. He looked pissed. When we got home, I opened the front door and walked in. He walked in behind me and collapsed on the couch. He seemed tired.

   Aysha: "I wanna talk to you about tonight, with marcus" I said.

   Msharii: "I don't feel too well," he said with a messed up face. It must be all the alcohol in him. So I led him to my room, gave him a fresh towel and a pair of huge boxers [yes, their mine;p I like huge stuff] and told him he could take a shower and clean uphere. All he said was..

   Msharii: *laughing* "A pink towel? That's.. nice." 

     After he went in to shower, I went down stair's and showered in the guest bathroom. I wore a pair of checkered boxers and a tank top, and headed upstairs to check on Msharii. When I opened the bedroom door, he was lying asleep on top of the bed with only the boxers on. He looked Soo adorable while asleep. Just like an angel;p. I didn't bother waking him up. I pulled my sidekick out, texted Jazii and told her the boys could sleep here (since probably both of 'em were tipsy) and then fell asleep next to Msharii. 

Jazii's P.O.V:

By 3 Am, people started to leave, and I was getting pretty tired. A buzz indicated i had received a text on my blackberry. 

1 Message: 
From Ayouush;*
Ma let the guy's sleep at ours tonight, Msharii and I are home, their car's parked outside our house. See ya when you get back ma;*

I replied that we'd be getting home soon, and asked Marcus for a ride.

   Marcus: "But can I come in?" he asked suddenly.

   Jazzi: "I'm not sure that's a pretty wise idea.."I said, "besides it's getting late," I continued. He laughed it off.

   Marcus: "I'm just messin' witcha girl, sure I'll take you home." He said nicely.

In 10 minutes we were home, and we were tired! Me and Barak went up to check on Msharii and Aysha, and found them asleep on Aysha's bed. They looked sooo adorable;o Barouk laughed when he saw them like that;p. We decided to chill downstairs since we didn't wanna wake them up. I made popcorn and we decided to watch some scary movie airing on t.v. I wasn't the "scare easy" type, but I faked it just to be close to him;p Cheesy much? [yeah, I can get cheesier] It was adorable;o

   Barak: "Jazzi It's oki hun I'm here and nothing's gonna ever hurt you" He said. Isn't he the sweetest?;p I just sighed in reply. He laughed. I fell asleep at around 5 AM in his arms. I've never slept so comfortably in my life.

*Next post will contain more "action" I promise!;p* 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Foools xD.

Off yesterday was chaotic. I got pranked a several bunch of times, and wasn't able to pull off a prank on anyone;( I either used it the year before on the SAME person and forgot, or they just knew me too well. I actually COMPLETELY believed one of the pranksters ;o uff i felt so 9aida ;( Share you're own April Fool's stories here!;* 

-Crystal Spankbomb.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

[8] Can I have this dance?

At The Party; Aysha's P.O.V:

   The party was tight! We entered and everyone was enjoying themselves. When we walked over to the dance floor, guess who I saw? It was Marcus, Grinding with one of those skanky girls he knows. I don't know why, but I suddenly got frustrated. I pulled Mshari by the hand and ordered that we were going to dance. He seemed to enjoy my sudden control over him. We danced to around where Marcus and that betch were, but he didn't seem to notice! I eventually convinced my mind to stop caring and got back to enjoying what me and Mshari were doing. He was a pretty good dancer too! He held me close from my waist the whole time, which I liked. After dancing to a few songs, I excused my self to the bar and asked if he wanted any thing. I got my self some Grey Goose, and got him Vodka with ice. That boy was a drinker. I liked it. 

     After gulping down our drinks we were in for another hour of crazy dancing. They played my favorite, Sticky face by Trey songs. We danced to it, then he excused himself saying he wanted to check up on Barak, and say hello to a friend. It gave me a chance to go chill at the bar and catch a breath. I must've been tipsy. I ordered another Goose, and chilled. When all of a sudden..

   Marcus: "Hey, what do you think you're doing?" He asked in a confused tone. It confused me, actually! ;S 

   Aysha: "What do you mean?" I said acting all innocent.

   Marcus: "I mean, with the dude over there" He says with a nod.

   Aysha: "The same thing you were doing with that friend of yours" I snapped.

   Marcus stayed silent.

   Aysha: "Besides there's nothing between me and you. We're just friends and I should be able to enjoy my self with a hot guy if I want to." I said with a huff and went back to the dance floor. He just sat there dumbfounded.

Jazzi's P.O.V:  

   We entered the party and immediately each pair went their separate ways. Barak first said hi to a couple of people he knew and I greeted the host. Later we dance on the dance floor opposite Aysha and Mshari. It was pretty fun! We danced for a couple of hours.

   Barak: "Hey, you wanna go somewhere quieter?" He whispered in my ear. How could I resist with that voice and his scent. It was a mixture of Creed and Marlboro's. Delicious! 

  Jazzi: "Sure," I said with a smile. I wonder what he was planning. We went upstairs and found an empty room. He sat on the bed and motioned for me to sit next to him. Instead of sitting me next to him, he pulled me closer and made me sit on his lap. we stayed like that for a while just  staring into each other's eyes. He seemed a bit tipsy, he probably had a drink or two. 

   Barak: "Jazzi why are you this pretty?" He said trying to compliment me. "Wallah iniiichh 3athaab! You're perfect in every way!" He exclaimed. How strait-forward he was. I never knew he had a sensitive side. It was adorable. Suddenly out of nowhere he pulls me into him and our lips lock. The emotions flowing through my stomach were unstable and unimaginable! I couldn't think, I didn't even know what I was doing! I had managed to get it in my head that we were making, and I liked it. At first it was a sweet kiss, innocent and plain. After a while though it got rougher, and he really knew what he was doing! It seemed we were kissing for hours, but to my disappointment it was only 20 minutes. The most amazing 20 minutes of my day! 

     The kiss left me out of breath, and I still hadn't realized it. Its been a while since I last kissed a guy. It usually takes me an awful long time to trust someone this quickly. Although, something about Barak was different, he made me trust him. It wasn't a choice for me to trust him, it was like I was sucked in towards him by this gravitational pull. We just clicked, you know? Plus, did I mention how hott his lips were? the perfect kissing buddies! Wait, but where does that leave us now? Great, more questions to add to the never-ending list!

   Barak: "What are you thinking about?" He asked studying my face. I had forgotten he was there! I was so deep in thought I forgot to acknowledge his presence right after the kiss.

   Jazzi: "Not much, Just how amazing that kiss was." I said simply. When I realized what I said I blushed and pulled my head down. 

     With his finger he lifted my chin up and looked me straight in the eye. *Sighs* His eyes made my whole body melt!

   Barak: "7ayatii intay," He said warm-heartedly, "With an amazing girl like you, of course it'll be a great kiss," he continued sweetly. He gave me a peck on the lips. 
"You know I think I'm getting feelings for you," He confronted. "That kiss just confirmed my suspicions," He smiled. I smiled back. I loved his smiles! I think I have feelings for him too.;o

     We went down just then, and I couldn't stop thinking about him. His smile, those eyes, those lips, that body! I must be dreaming! We enjoyed the party and each other's company. One thing was for sure, though. There'd be a lot to talk about tonight.