Sunday, May 16, 2010

List of Characters;

I was feeling EXTRA nice today so I thought I'd continue my last story, along with the characters just incase anyone is lost:

Joud; seventeen. Mostly the main character, Dina's Cousin Her family are friends with Ahmed and Jala's families.

Dina; 18.Hamad's to - be wife, Joud's cousin. best friend is Dana

Dana; eighteen. Dina's best friend, likes a boy named khalid (who is a family friend) and have been inseperable from birth.

Jala; eighteen. Ahmed's crush, friends with dana dina and joud.

Ahmed;eighteen. His family is friends with Joud's. Likes Jala.

Khalid; nineteen. Family friends of Dana's, inseperable at birth. Hamad's best friend and relative of the mystery guy.

Hamad; nineteen. dina's to-be husband. best friends with khaled.

Mystery hottie; seems to like joud. un known yet.

Aunti Salwa; Um A7med. family friend of J's family.

Aunti Nawal; Um Dina.

Aunti Maha; Um Dana.

Aunti Su3aad; Um Joud.

enjoy, x

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