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KABLOOM! you just gotta read this.

ok ok ok. I know you all must hate me to death and I am genuinly sorry! But to make it up I'm posting all FOUR chapters that I wrote. Honestly, I've been suffering from writers block but I still hope you enjoy these. Who knows I may even complete it soon? 

Here Goes ...

Chapter 1:

     She lived a fairy tale youth, just like in the books. She had adoring parents who were at her every command. You see, she was an only child. A blessing from above, as her parents would say. they provided her with a fantasy of a life. The best clothes, best toys, a tree house, all the pets she ever wished of; most people would say she was spoilt rotten! But that wasn't the way our lovely Joud acted. She was the nicest to everyone.

     She met him the day of her 3rd birthday, her parents had invited all their closest friends as well as their children. Joud knew most of them but she hadn't seen him before. he wasn't all that nice either. After they blew out her candles he pulled her hair and decided to squish her face into the cake. ;o

As Joud;

Jouuud: Heeeey! not fair *sticks out tongue* I'm the birthday girl;c. - She says with attitude and a frown.

Him: So? I don't care. - He said with a big smile on his face.

Joud: Who are you a9laaan? Walla I tell my mama! - Said Joud, aggravated now.

Um Joud: Baskum khnaag yal 7lween! - She said sweetly, Joudi mama hathaaa Ahmed, weld aunti Salwa - she continued.

Ahmed: Hi - He said this with the hugest most innocent smile on his face.

Joud (still not buying his fake smile): hi - she gives him a quaint smirk.

And that's how we met. We soon hit it off and were inseperable. Our parents called it puppy love, but ou response was always, "Ewwwwww! Coooties:o" And running in the opposite direction of the other. Eventually we grew up.Eww's began to change into flushed cheeks, and innocent awkward glances. Don't get me wrong, we weren't in love or anything. To him, I was the little sister he never had, as he's 17. He was the youngest of three older brothers.

     I was 16. We both attended the same school, and hung out with the same group. I might have developed a crush on Ahmed throughout the years; secretly. I always thought he'd eventually fall in love with me, wouldn't he? I never really pictured him with anyone else. I mean who would've, he was my first little crush. I'm allowed to believe in fairy tales aren't I?

 I guess you shouldn't believe in every little thing. After all, life isn't one big happy fairytale ending.

Chapter 2:

     Sooner or later, I got the biggest shock of my teen life. My best friend/crush wasn't at all falling in love with me. Infact he never was nor will he ever be. Me and Ahmed, along with the rest of our families were enjoying a weekend at the shaleih, and by the end of the night, when Ahmed and me were alone, Ahmed had an intriguing confession to tell Joud.

Ahmed: "Joudiii Bagouulich shaaay", he said awkwardly.

Joud: "Goouul shfeek saket..;o" I said surprised.

Ahmed: ".."

I wonder what he's about to say? Do I really think he's going to say what I think he's going to?...

Ahmed: "Joudii wyn re7taay?" He asked curiously at my dazed epression.

Joud: "Haa? Laaa sra7t bs.." I said quietly.

Ahmed; ".."

Joud; "Yallaa gouuulllll ! ;p"  I said, overly excited obviously.

Ahmed: "I think I like Jala.." he confided.

When I heard this, you could imagine the state I was in.My heart had plumeted to my stomach. I tried very hard to hide it and act like nothing had happened. I decided I would act happily surprised; goog thing I'm a good lier.

Joud: ";O"

Ahmed: ".. ?"

Joud: "NO WAYYY! ;D I can't beleivee it I'm soo happy for you! She's such a nice girl! I mean; we've known her foreveer. I hope every thing goes well :)" I ranted on and on. (If Ahmed would've known better, he would've noticed that my voice had gone octaves higher than usual. I was hurt, any one could've told him that)

Ahmed: "So t'hagein agoulaha?" He asked.

Joud: "Go for iit! ;D mn 9ijik? W tell her soon ha?!;p" I said, "I'm soo happy (clearly not as happy as I would've been the way I played the moment in my mind)." I said continueing.

     So It's Official, He was literally my first everythng. My frst best friend, First crush, First heart break. How can anyone as old as me take so much hurt in one little moment? Then it hit me. Why am I acting like such a drama queen? This is not my usual self. I love jala to death! Of course I'm a bit surprised Ahmed chose her, but was it really a competition in the first place? I mean he's known me for all his life, its only normal for him to think of me as a sister.

     Since that was the first of these moments for me, it was new. But it made me grow. Ofcourse I was in denial most of the time. If guys would look at me differently, i'd quickly brush it off and think a silly thing of it.

   Our families would have outings often together. They would go to the shaleih, il bar, 6al3aaatt ma6a3em, and even travelled together. Infact they've been trying to plan official trip that included everyone for the summer.


     It's been a year since I last had feelings for Ahmed. I'm 17 now, and he's eighteen. I love both him and Jala to death, and honestly I think they are the cutest couple alive - mashalla!;p No, I don't have the hotts for Ahmedi anymore, but it was cute that I did! He is now the closest thing to a brother for me.

Tathkrouun that trip all our parents have been trying to plan for ages? well..

Incoming Call

Joud: "Heloo Daniii shlounich babe?" I answered casually.

Dana: "Jouudiii! where are you? Me and Dina wanna come over. We have gooossiiip;o", she said overly-excited. They were always into the piece of juicy gossip they had.

Joud: "I7naa blshaleeeih! 7ayaakum?" I invited.

Dana: "khala9, khilaal sa3a i7na nkoun 3ndkum." She said lastly.

Joud; "Ok see youuu then;*" I said.

Dina and Dana are a year older than me, Ahmed's age. I've known them from when i was born! Dina is my first cuzin, mn my mom's side w Dana is her best friend mn birth. They went to the same school, shared the same birthday, as well as the same friends. Together, we were all inseperable (including Jala). Jala is also a family friend, but she is my age. Me being an only child, they filled that sisterly void in my heart, and guided me through my wrongs, and helped me out as much as they could. I'll tell you one thing, I love my family to death! Alla ykhaleeli yaahum inshalla. :]

I wonder what their up to, I thought. Ma china gabl ams 6al3een!;p.

     lama w9alow il shaleih, they seemed overly excited. like they were hiding something. Unlike me, theey were soo baad at hiding things. And like I predicted, they weren't going to hide it that long.

Dina: "Jouudiii! Jaalaaa! Babes I have news ta3alow ta3alow!" She said embracing us into a huge bear hug.

Joud&Jala: "Haw ma chfteena gabl ams?" we said simultaniously. *we give each other awkward glances* I7na glna like sisters bs muu chthee!;p I thought.

Dina: "Ib haaal youm 9arat ashyaa2 wayed!" Dina said, almost shouting it out in a bubbly voice.

Dana was running down the stairs at the moment, trying to catch up with us. She was a clumsy little thing, and was tripping amost over everything. She even tripped over her feet as she was approaching us!

Dana: "Yes :]", she commented. *she gives us her cheesy grin* "BIG BIG things!" She shouted, continuing.

Dina: ".."

Jala and Joud: ".. ;o"

Dana: ".. Just tell them already! I can't take it anymore! ;D" She said overly excited, like a little monkey high on redbull. It's adorable ;o.

Dina: "ok ok! ... ummm..", Dina said trying to keep the suspence longer.

Joud&Jala: "YALLA!:p" We shouted simultaneously.

Dina: "Im engaged", she said in the lowest voice ever. She looked redder than Rudolph's nose!;p

Joud: "OMG! I'm sooo happyyy 7ayaatii! Wait.. When and how did all this happen? We neeed details!"  (:

Chapter 3:

Dina: "Remember the weird dude ilee kl ma n6la3 nlagii? well it turns out inna my mama t3rf his mama!" She said. "And he found out ana bnt mnu, w ra7 sa2al umi for my hand in marriage." She continued. "I secretely had a thing for him too, but the whole thing was ages ago. ma rethait illa lama at3araf 3alei!" She ended excitedly.

Jala: "Continue!" She said excitedly.

Dana: "Yea yalla tell them shnu 9ar ams ;D" She said almost jumping off her chair.

Joud: "Shnu 9ar ams?;o" I asked curiously.

Dina: "La7thaaa khan akamil!" She said, "Anyways, so we started meeting and t3rfing 3ala ba3athna, and he is the sweetest man ever, and i think i like him! *blushes* soooo.. Ams I said yes! :D" She finished shyly.

Joud: "AAH I'm so happy yallaa mutaaaaa il 3rs! abee i buy clothes;] w 7ag il mlcha! alla aallaaa this means shopping;o" I said getting in over my head.

Dana: "Wait! There's more!" She shouted.

Jala: "There is?;o" She wondered.

Dina; "Yeep, remember that safra ilee ahalna 9arlhum sina their trying to plan it?" She asked, "well it's happening! this summer! Bs il mlcha is going to be in a months time, by spring break inshalla! wel 3rs bl safra." She went on.

Joud: "Ok first thing's first, Does he have a facebook?" I asked.

Dana: "Of course he does are you kidding me?;p" Dana said, butting in.

Joud: "Let's facebook him! I wanna see your future baby baba!;p" I said jumping in.

Jala: "Haha that's new;p" Jala said, laughing.

Dina: "Yes it is:p", she said quietly, "Okay his name is Hamad Al ****." She concluded.

Dana: "Wel n3m fee! and also Khaled might come on the summer trip. Did you know him and Hamadich are friends as well?;o" She asked.

-Explaining time? Okai, Khaled was Dana's child friend/lover now. Their parents have known each other since forever, and these two are madly inlove with each other. I have no idea why they aren't getting married anytime soon! But we shall see with time..

Hamad is this guy that you can say has been stalking Dina for a while now? I mean its not like she's hard to miss, she has the most wildest hair ever, and very beautiful too;* Secretly, they've been seeing eachother for a while, but not everyone knows that so shhh!;o And that's pretty much it;p

So we immediately got on the first laptop we found (no not a bb, those screens are too tiny for all of us to see;p) and logged on to Dina's facebook. She mentioned something about new privacy settings which made it easy to check him out mn ay profile, but it was easier going into hers anyways.

Joud: "Waay ya7leilaa I remember him!;p" Said me, acting stupid like I don't know 3anhum.

Jala: "Eeh walla chine athkra lama we went lorenzo 9al7iya?" She stated.

Dina: "Mathkr walla;p" she said innocently.

We searched through his photos, there were some of his at the shaleih, some on outings, others during il sfr, it was fun to look through them! He wasn't a bad looking guy. He was tall, mgare3, tanned, not too thin or ripped, he had a little karsh, just the way Dina liked them. ;p There were also many pics of him and his family, which was cute.

After a couple of days;

As Dina;

Incoming Call

Dina: "Hala 7abeebti, shlounich? It's like 11 am sh3ndch ga3da!;p" I said surprised.

Joud: "Deee Tawnee staw3bt inaa milchitich is onlyyy three weeks away! And I'm freaaking out shnu ra7 albes? shnu ra7 talbseen intay! Ubaay;o Okay J Breeaathe in, Breaaathe out" she said over dramatically. You could actually hear her doing so, she gets over excited with big events like this;p what a cute little petunia.

Dina: "J! Hold you horses!;p come over we'll have breakfast and go shopping if you want ok? Have your driver drop you in half an hour, I'll have breakfast set up by then. Tabeen Hash browns?;o and Pancakes? Wla would you rather have eggs?" I asked acting all motherly.

Joud: "Babe walla your the best! Aham shay inu I'm freaking out w it's your mlchaa!;p haha i'm weird;p" she commented.

Dina: "Haha 3adii Jouda;p" I said jokingly.

Joud: "La walla?" She said sarcastically, " I'll have hash browns and waffles if u don't mind 7abuba:]" She ended.

Dina: "Drizzeled in maple syrup?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

Joud: "Aahh, just the way I like em" Shee said, mm-ing on.

Dina: "Okaay then dear. Dress casually we have alot of work to do today!" I said getting excited.

Joud: "I'll see you soon!" She said hanging up.

I jumped out of bed, pulled my hot pink towel off the hook and dashed to the shower; I wasn't the quickest shower taker;p. Luckily I finished in 15 minutes, for the 3rd time ever, and called for the maid to prepare breakfast.

     Next I had to chose what to wear. Since we had alot of work to do, I went with my dark blue juicy sweats, and a white tee to go with it. I let my wild hair dry naturally, because my furious curls are best that way. I wore my orange tory burch flats, and got my purse ready and went down stairs to see that Joudi was already digging in!

Dina: "You could've told me you're here! Chan ma 6awalt;p" I said.

Joud: "La 3adii," She said munching into her hashbrown,"The food is amazing," She said with a full mouth. She swallowed then said, "Yalla join me!" So I did.

After the wonderful breakfast we were deciding where to go. And then mama came in. We both greeted her good morning and told her our plans for the day. By the end of our little discussion with my mother, we decided we'd literally go every where within our reach for the day.

     First stop, the avenues! It was nice and quiet since it was the early morning, we checked out all the main boutique stores, as well as aishti, that shop is just amazing for little evening gowns. They have the cutest, posh collection, and Joudi found a few things she liked, but none that she would just die for. After hours and hours of frantically searching for dresses, we recieved a call from Joud's mom.

Um joud: "Hala maamaa shlounkum 7abeebty?" She greeted, "I heard intay w Dinaa ray7een shopping for gowns." She continued.

Joud: "Eeh yuma bs t9adgain nothing stands out for a melcha." She said, disapointed.

Um joud: " Bs baghait athakrich inna aunti Salwa is in London, and picking up Dina's dress, itha bagheitay I could have her look around for something 7agich?" She informed Joud.

Joud: "Ehh yuummaa that would be a great idea!" she said ecitedly, "Walla you took a load ff my shoulders," She continued. I just had to laugh at that comment, Joudi is always such a drama queen, its adorable.

 Later on Joud filled me in on what her mom told her, and honestly, I was relieved we were done shopping for the day. I was fearing a quarter life crisis from Joud if she hadn't found her it dress! It was already 4:30 so we decided to eat at Bistro 86 since it had those yumyy cheese burger springrolls which we loved.

The day was pretty much a blur later on.

--One week later--

Incoming Call


Joud; Their here! Their here! Their here!

Chapter 4;

As Joud;

Dina: "What are?" she asked, confused.

Joud: "The dresses, silly!" I said, laughing. "Yes,I HAVE A DRESS!" I screamed. I must've popped her ears.

Dina: "I'm coming over!" She exclaimed. "I want to see what they did to it." She continued all too quickly. And just like that she hung up.

     Since the gang would be meeting up at my house, I set up some snacks in my room incase someone felt hungry.
Fifteen minutes later, jala showed up.

Jala: "Ah thank god food!" she exclaimed. "And where are the others?" She continued, while munching on a brownie, "It's 6:30 already, and I think we should go out after the dress trying! I love my outfit." She ended, with a smirk.

Joud: "Sure, taboun meat co. wlaa slider's?" I asked casually.

Jala; "Slider's! Mn zmaan ma re7na" she said.

   A couple minutes later, Dina and Dana show up together, and it's time to try the dresses. As excited as I was, I had to try mine on first! I have to say the dress was goregeous, although it was a little too big for me (nothing a few alterations wont fix;p). It was a dark green valentino one sleeved dress, with ruffles on the hem of the sleeve. Since this was a close little melcha, we kept it all simple.

     As I walked out, I heard the ooh's and ah's mn my girls. Next Dee tried her dress on, and she looked Stunning! She had a gorgeous, long poofy pink sleeveless dress. It was like a wedding dress, but pink! She just looked amazing, and all put together. It was now 7 pm, so we decided we'd get a move on if we wanted to get "our table". I decided I'd wear my true religion jeggings, a white body, and a dark blue fit blazer along with my black patent leather loboutins.

   Dana had a tunic shirt on with leather leggings, and her favorite tan gladiators. Dina had on the perfect shade of pink dress, her shiny black dior ballerina's and her black and gold luis vuitton bag. Jala had on a black tulip skirt, and a white t-shirt underneath, along with her red tory burch flats.

     We were lucky enough to arrive in time to steal our table from a group of good looking guys. one of them especially caught my eye. he was not too tall, but tall enough, he had insane hair flying all around, and he had that I Don't care attitude. I guess you could say we had a little stare moment, but I made nothing of it. They sat on the table across from us, and weirdly they looked familiar.

  The night was pretty fun; We got to all catch up on every one's happening, and it turns out the group are friends of Khaled, dana's boy;p. Well atleast now he's not a complete stranger.

     It seemed that almost every time we went out we'd run into the mystery guy one way or the other; Even Dina noticed! She thought he was cute too, it's too bad our coincidental meetings can't go anywhere.

Twoo weeks later:

     It's Finallyy the day of the milcha, only 8 more hours left. Ofcourse, I wake up and go over to Dina's. I'm greeted by her mom, and she tells the maid's to prepare the breakfast for the fiance to be and her friends. Dana gets there five minutes later, w we sneeak into her room and startle her awake!

Dina: "Ya 7ameeer MU CHTHE!" She screams, obviously annoyed. Me and Dana just laugh it off.

We all sit down to have the amazing breakfast that was set up for us, and then it's time for business. By 1;30 pm, the hairstylist gets here, and starts fixing up all of our hairs, icluding dina's mama and little sisters, lujain and reema.

    Next the make up artist was over, and before we know it it was already 8;30, and the guests were about to be arriving. Dana and me decided to stay up with dina while the rest of the fam went down to check up on everything, and to make sure the guests were entertained.

Dana: "Mashaallaaa you looook wonderfuuuuul!" She exclaimed while looking at Dina's stunning state.

     She looked magnificent! Her hair, her make up, her dress, her loboutins; They all didn't do her justice. I can tell you one thing for sure, Hamad is one lucky man. She was the women of his life, and they were the cutest of cute couples. Alla ykhaaleehum 7g ba3aath.

Dina; "Joudi go down choufay il wath3, it's alredy 9;15 is Hamad there?" She asked frantically. "Ohhhh I hope I'm not late or anything," she said worriedly.

     I snuck down stairs 3ashan at2akaad min il wath3. while peaking from the inside kitchen i could see Hamad talking to a guy whom I could only see the back of his head. He spotted me and waved. When the guy he was conversing with turned around I could not believe my eyes!

Thank you all for baring with me! x


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