Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[16] But the part that they don't know, you broke my heart and changed my soul, and you left me heartless.

Aysha's P.O.V.:

     "Marcus, listen to me.." I said then paused. I was exhausted from all this talking, and honestly I didn't want it to go any longer. Trying to make it as easy as possible, I said " We're just not right for each other. I'm Muslim, you're Christian, and knowing you, you wouldn't convert no matter what." He cut me off.

Marcus: "But what does that have to do with the way WE feel ma?" He said, sounding furious.

Aysha: "Well it has a lot to do with it," I said with authority, making sure he wouldn't cut me off again, " Pretty soon I'll be going to kuwait, and my parents would never approve of me marrying a Christian." I continued. "If it isn't serious shit to you, it is to me," I said blankly.

He looked at me then said, "Well screw you're family. Me and you can start all over." He stated.

Aysha: "It's not that easy. I care about my family alot and wouldn't trade them in for the world and all its riches. There are somethings you gotta understand Marcus," I said not giving him a chance to start talking. Continuing, I said " I tried to keep this as simple as possible, but you wouldn't give in, so I have to tell you that it's better for the both of us that we don't see each other again." I said bluntly.

     He stared at me for a while, it was aggravating! I felt like my face was going to burn from how solid his stare was. When he finally broke the silence, he got up so I did as he did. This is it I thought, This must be where the goodbye kiss goes. We were so close at this point, our noses were almost touching. It felt very intense on my side, especially since he had on a poker face. I don't think I felt an exact emotion at that time. I was so overwhelmed with my millions of emotions that I actually felt numb. I can't believe its finally the end. Then he reached closer to me, so Instinctively, I closed my eyes, and then..

Marcus: *clearing his throat* "My glasses are right there, do you mind?" He said dryly, so naturally I moved outa the way, stunned. And just like that he took his glasses and walked outa my room; outa my life.

--- A month or so later ---

Jazzi's P.O.V:

     "Can you believe it?!" I exclaimed, "It's only two weeks to the finals!" I said surprisingly to my daydreaming friend, Aysha, Who had finally snapped back to life. Ever since the incident with Marcus, she had been spacing out like all the time. She has also been spending quite a lot of time with Msharii, which (I guess) is a good thing? We were hanging out at the campus cafe, waiting for Khalid, our ride, to finish his class so we can head on home for the weekend.

Aysha: "hmm? oh yeaa. Finally get to leave this place", she said with a sigh. I guess the whole Marcus thing really got to her. It was obvious they loved each other, she just didn't wanna persue a relationship that would be disappointing in the future. This is my que to brighten her day.

"Well guess what?" I said excitedly, "since today's the last day before prep week, Me and Baraak are goin' out for a bit. You don't mind if Msharii stays at our's do you?" Hoping her response would be a smile. And that it was.

"Sure, I'm up for it" she said, still smiling. I wonder how their relationships going.

Aysha's P.O.V.:

     So it's the end of the week, and Msharii's coming over. The weird thing is that I'm getting mixed feelings about this guy. I "think" I like him? I dunno, I'm not completely sure about it myself. But first things first; I gotta get this load offa my chest and tell him the whole me and Marcus thing. Hopefully he'll be as understanding as I wish.

Knock! Knock!
I guess that's Msharii. Here goes nothin' ...

- I think it's a bit shorter than usual, but we're trying to elongate the ending. Also, we'll be posting these more oftenly. Hope you like (:


  1. loool Marcus is a pimp :P it kinda fucked up what he did but its funny :P

  2. heey post soon i really wanna know what happens in the end :)